Giant Leak to GTA 6: Betray massive details – can that really vote?

Normally, new Leaks are in the shortage of GTA 6. Now, however, there was a veritable schwall to fresh info of a potential insider that reveals all kinds of interesting details about the new Open World Hit. But are these information really credible?

Mega-Leak to GTA 6: Battle Royale & More Realism?

Although Rockstar Games has now confirmed that the studio works on a new part of the GTA series, real information is still in short supply so far.

Nevertheless, there have been new rumors and Leaks to GTA 6 for several months, but usually only in homeopathic doses. However, the reddit user GTA_IV_Leak has now laughed at one strike several details about the new Open World Hit. We have summarized the main points for you:

  • Game figures: In GTA 6, players should be able to take over the role of three characters: Ricardo, Kacey and Rose. While Ricardo and Kacey earn their money as a drug smugglers and small criminals, Rose stands as a policewoman on the other side of the law.

  • Improved NPC behavior: In GTA 6, the inhabitants of the game world should react more organic to your actions. They look at you wrong if you put a sprint for the sprint without any reason and become panicked if you suddenly pull a weapon. Some passers-by, in daredia, also turn their smartphones of gaps that film happen and then upload to the social media platform chispy. There you should can even look at the appropriate clips later.

  • Overraged Wanted System: As in GTA: San Andreas is supposed to give it in GTA 6 again a Wanted system with 6 stars. While the police at a single star just exhibit a ticket, follow you on the maximum star level various specialty units and try to bring you to the route. The military does not seem to be turned on.

  • New health system: Who does not take care of the three game figures, must expect serious consequences. Hunger, temperature, stress and fatigue should affect the health. Anyone who is more than twelve hours with his character to the legs must expect the life bar to shorten. With a cap sleep, this malus can be removed again. The same applies to the other systems.

  • Battle Royale: In multiplayer mode from GTA 6, up to 100 players in an ever-smaller arena should be able to compete against each other until only one player is left.

GTA 6...HUGE LEAK! Modern Setting, Chapter System, Screenshot Revealed & MORE! (Grand Theft Auto 6)
* No power the drugs! Anyone who regularly influences the GTA characters with upheaved with upheavals or declines themselves to consumingness, must not be surprised if the later negative impact has on them. Most of them can be cured with some sleep.

  • Three cities in one: In GTA 6, players will be in the cities of Vice City, Liberty City and Carcer City. The game world should be greater than the cards of RDR 2 and GTA 5 together.

(Source: Reddit)

_Plassen Rockstar! You should not do these errors in the development of GTA 6 again: _

What is the leak on the leak?

How many of the information is correct can currently be difficult to estimate. However, we recommend that you do not take the lactic details directly for Bare Coin . Many of the information sounds simply unrealistic and exaggerated.

That players about clips recorded by NPCs with their smartphones can be viewed online later, looked at us from the air. It looks similar with the size of the card. Already GTA 5 had a considerable size, same applies to RDR. Since Rockstar attaches great importance to hiding interesting details or Easter Eggs everywhere in the game world, means every additional km² a large batzen additional expenses .

The revised health and wanted systems, on the other hand, are quite in the range of possible . And even the three new characters blade exciting and plausible.

_Ihr still needs some food to the GTA-6 release? Then just take a look at these alternatives: _

However, we will not be able to drag a final conclusion when Rockstar publishes more official information about the new GTA game. According to current rumors, players should be able to expect a great announcement this year. We’ll keep you up to date.

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