No better days: Small Services Perfect comeback

The yield from a local backdrop was already more than considerable in the run-up to the game against the FCN: eight victories, four draws and only a defeat spoke volumes – two place in the home table inclusive. And: as so often, another guest on the Ostalb could not collect counters.

How many teams already failed before, Nuremberg failed on Sunday. The Heidenheim Torgarant Tim Small Service played a crucial role, which last stood against the HSV in the starting element on February 12th. First he lacked because of a yellow lock and kinked in the workout during the week. The injury braked the scorer and made sure he had to settle in the past two games with the Joker role – previously he was missing three times in the squad of the FCH.

Small service overjoyed: “There are no better days”

For this, the FCN got the starting element comeback of the scorer duplicate. The striker itself experienced a game “with two goals, three points and an appearance in front of the many fans – currently there are no better days”. In addition, his secondary men underpinned, “that we are extremely strong at home. It is not easy against the Nuremberg, but today we have again proven that we can beat the teams from above at home,” the conclusion of the 26 was Years, who marked on top of their first matches in the calendar year 2022.

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Schmidt experiences a “highlight at home”

Coach Frank Schmidt agreed small service and found praising words: “It’s nice to have experienced such a highlight at home again and beating a real good team here.” Playfully, the coach highlighted the compact defensive, which the club up to the 88th minute’s teeth – ultimately the hits of Manuel Schäffler was only a result cosmetics. Nevertheless, the 48-year-old “the mistake and the associated lack of access” annoyed.

But of course, Heidenheim outweighs the positive mood. And even if the topic ascent at any interviews is highly shorted, Heidenheim is fine with a view of the rest program. After all duels with direct competitors, S04 is still waiting for the coming weekend (Saturday, 13.30 clock) before the FCH has brought the difficult program behind. Possibly, the Heidenheimer is still knocking on the top – pressure from the environment, they do not feel in contrast to the competition in any case.

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