Elden Ring: Update 1.03.3 for download

For Elden Ring the update 1.03.3 is available as a download . The new patch is available after a downtime: The server of the action role-playing game were temporarily down, logins and game contributions at times. Meanwhile, the maintenance work is completed and the new update is available. On the Publisher Bandai Namco website, the developers share the patch notes for the new update. Many changes are not expected.

Patch Notes: Update brings a change

Rather, the small Elden Ring patch is screwing on an error around the Boss Starry Radahn. As the developers communicate into the patch notes, the strength of some attacks with a previous update was unintentionally reduced. After downloading the current update, the boss fight in Elden Ring should now expire as it is provided by the developers. Further innovations does not seem to play the update available for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

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Elden Ring Update 1.03.3 Patch Notes
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