Is it worth a person 4 Arena Ultimax? Everything you need to know to clear your doubts

I’m so sorry, I could not play even a game of the saga person because I do not have enough time to spend a title of more than 100 hours. I know, surely it will be a wonderful game with an adult and tremendously exciting story but between one thing and another I do not have that space to travel through the adventures of the Atlus games. However, what I have been able to prove is a “remastering” of the 4 person who was a delight for fans for PS3 and Xbox 360.

This fighting of person 4 is a reissue of the game released in November 2013. The great news is especially the change from the network code and a patch to balance the most broken characters. Apart from that, the content itself remains more or less unchanged. That is why I asked myself, Is it worth buying it?

a story story more than remarkable

If there is something that surprised me for good in this title of atlus was the content for a single player , because seeing the one who had seen in other fighting games like King of Fighters, it is true that I had the impression that they were going To leave this side mode. However, I was surprised how well it was despite barely knowing the plot, as it is directly linked to the RPG released several years ago. It is divided into three stories with different ones that will tell us different points of view quite interesting and above all fun that more than one fan of the saga will fall in love.

It is true that you treat stories of a typical shonen teenagers ** where true power is found in friendship and with love relationships that are seen from the first chapter, but it is true that it is quite entertaining and all the characters have a personality own with very marked principles; But after all it is a fighting and will continue to have “poor” points narratively speaking. Even so, it is quite better than the average of gender.

Polished mechanics and modes more than varied

The tutorial gives keys to start understanding the game well, but it stops quite fast, and does not explore all the deeper mechanics that the most advanced in the game know. Training mode also has that defect (present in the games of the time) not to offer the combos of the challenge mode already recorded about the opposite characters. The roster consists of 22 characters, and a different version for most of them, which are the same but with some different movements and mechanics.

The game modes are varied, there are no clones and the game also has a very focused system on the “gatling” as well as an automatic combo, which allows you to change from one character to another in history mode without having what to go through the practice mode. Therefore, person 4 Arena Ultimax is relatively easy to access , but it becomes much more complex for those who want to immerse themselves in the online competition that is where the real sauce is.

An online mode that far exceeds the original

What You NEED To Know About Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
Finally I want to talk about something obvious and the main reason for giving the game: mode online * . Unlike previous versions, stability is quite good and relatively fluid. Twenty changes have been made and * we have not detected great problems on our part in the PS4 version. However, it is true that we had some other problem with unexpected disconnections during the first days after launch but nothing serious. On the other hand, you must know that depending on when you connect, you may have to wait enough time to find a PC confrontation since person 4 is not incredibly famous.

As for equilibrium, there is a certain diversity in the characters that are in this way, but at the highest level some seem to dominate. However, they are not the same ones who dominated the previous version and will still have to wait to know if this is due to the novelty and if the most cast is competitive or not. However, It is not a greatly unbalanced game , and each archetype seems to have your chances of defending yourself. With its many universal mechanics and the different styles of the characters, there is something for lovers of competition.

Reviewed all this, we return to the million dollar question: Is it worth a person 4 Arena Ultimax? The answer is… yes, although with grams . If it happens to me as you just know the game and you are not unconditional megafan of the fighting games, the better wait for you to download the price on any offer to be able to buy it. If you are in love with the franchise and you could not buy it at the time, do not hesitate to catch it since you will enjoy it as the one that most. If you are a fan of the fighting games, we also recommend a lot of your purchase although it would not be “mandatory” if you are involved in other competitive games such as Dragon Ball Fighterz or Tekken 7.

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