Because of war in Ukraine: Blizzard removes Z symbol from Overwatch

Blizzards Online Shooter Overwatch started this week with his Anniversary Remix-Event . It will wait again Ingame rewards on players, including a number of old skins that were available in previous events time-limit and thus offer many a second chance to get them. With the event, old Zarya Skins received revisions , which were quite subtle, but still discovered by fans with eagle eyes. Blizzard removed the “Z” symbol on two of their skins and that has an important reason.

Blizzard takes out the “Z” at Zarya skins

The letter “Z” on Zaryas “Arctic” and “Siberian Front” Skin will clearly be a monogram of your name for many OverVATCH players. Zarya, which is called full name Aleksandra Zaryanova, was a Russian soldier in the story of the game before she joined Overwatch. She is a nice character who wants to protect other people.

But at a time in which real Russian troops use the letter “Z” to the symbol of their invasion and war in Ukraine, the same has nothing to look at the outfit of a Russian soldier in an online shooter. In addition, parts of the Russian population have taken over the letters as symbol for their support of the war .

Blizzard has not yet been expressed at the distance of the letter. But it seems almost impossible that the change could be made for another reason. Below you can watch the before-after comparison of Zaryas Skin on RedDit:

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Not the first change in OverVATCH

It’s not the first time that Blizzard Overwatch (Buy Now 57.99 €) changed. Not too long ago the developers changed the name of the revolver-swinging cowboy in the game to Cassidy , as his previous name was based on an ex employee who is involved in the sexism scandal of the company . In addition, a winner pose of Tracer was changed , because fans complained that they were too obese. At the same time will not be unique skins based on the Owatch League MVPs, more after the winner of 2019, Jay “Sinatraa” Won, was accused of his ex-girlfriend of sexual abuse.

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