FC Bayern: Nagelsmann sees long flavor list with bankruptcy against FC Villarreal

Trainer Julian Nagelsmann has spoken after the bankruptcy in the quarter-final game of Bayern FC Villarreal from a “deserved defeat”. The FCB coach also saw a long flavor list.

“In the first half we had too little power in defending. We had no really good ball gain. In the second half it was a wild game. We have given up control because we wanted to do the gate. We could have got two, Nagelsmann said after the 0: 1 defeat in Villarreal at Dazn .

Above all, the defensive of Bavaria saw Nagelsmann as a weak point, Villarreal came to dangerous opportunities over and over again. “It’s a typical Spanish team that can gamble,” said Nagelsmann about the team of coach Unai Emery.

Nagelsmann’s Matchplan did not go as hoped for: “The idea was that we have more possession of the possession, play more the wings and relocate. At some point it became Harakiri with many light ball losses.”

One of them would almost led to the 0: 2 when the far-reached Manuel new Gerard Moreno in the amount of the center line played the ball in the feet (62.). “We have had luck with the mistake of Manuel News,” Nagelsmann acknowledged. “The players realized today that Villarreal can be more than seven in the league.”

Sheet Music: New, Müller, Lewandowski – Bavaria’s pillars break away

Thomas Müller: “Defeat was unscheduled”

Thomas Müller, however, did not want to know that they underestimated the opponent. “Surprising is the defeat for those who have watched the whole thing from the outside. For us she was unscheduled,” analyzed the Bayern striker. “It was not the game we wanted. There were different facets in the game. In the offensively we had no power, in the second half we had anger in the stomach, but then it got wild.”

Villarreal probably should've won by 2 or 3 vs. Bayern Munich! - Jan Aage Fjortoft | ESPN FC

After all, the Bavaria through the scarce result still have all the chances for the second leg next Tuesday (21 clock). “If it’s stupid, it could have assumed higher than 1: 0. Basically, we did not want. But it seemed as if a bit of livility was missing,” Müller said.

Kimmich: “Will show different face”

Nevertheless, the striker directed the gaze forward: “We lost the shoe we go on. But we are not there to shelter and pick our game. It was not what we wanted to show. We are experienced Know what to do. It is not the opponent against which you can walk through how to speculate in the media. “

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Also midfielder Joshua Kimmich showed himself self-critical. “The defeat was at our approach. In the first half we were not there, in the second half it was a wild game, but then we wanted more, but also allowed a lot,” Kimmich said, announcing: “We will be in the second leg show another face. “

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