Knaufs Traumtor: Frankfurt defies FC Barcelona a 1: 1

The imposing journey of Eintracht in the Europa League found its previous highlight with a home game against FC Barcelona. In quarter-finals, Frankfurt against the Catalans made it clear that you wanted more than just enjoying the evening.

The dress rehearsal for the self-communicated “century game” joined the Eintracht something, compared to the 0: 0 against the SPVGG Greuther Fürth Oliver Glasner took only a personnel change: Hasbe moved to the bench, but the Hinteregger started in the league. Barcelona also proved the currently strong form on the weekend, coach Xavi exchanged compared to the important 1-0 against FC Seville Meanwhil Personnel three times: Garcia, Gavi and Traoré started for Dani Alves, de Jong and Dembelé.

Ferran Torres tests Trapp – So the leadership

Chuckled by the own audience, the Eintracht tried to hold on from the beginning. Unlike, unlike, Frankfurt reached the Bluegranana relatively high, but had to survive a dangerous action early: Ferran Torres moved from a good 20 meters with right, TRAPP could scratch the sharp shot straight out of the upper left corner (3.). Intummed, however, did not show that, on the contrary, on the contrary: After six minutes, the leadership would have to get the lead for Frankfurt, the Swiss shot after a passage of Lindström from eleven meters but free-standing just left over.

Eintracht Frankfurt vs Barcelona 1 1 Highlights Europa League 2021 2022

Whether the courageous initial phase of Eintracht remained the volume in the forest stadium at a constant high level, although the game shares tipped more clearer on pages barças. Frankfurt pulled back into one’s half, but the guests steered through cleveres starting on the outer railways and made the center close time. Only once the Bluegranana could play through into the penalty area, Aubameyang shot out of pointed angle but only to the external network (17th).

But no penalty for the Eintracht

As a result, Frankfurt became more and more noticeable that Barça has become a hard time and forced his own offensive game. Especially Knauf and Kostic could often sit in scene on their outer paths. The latter brought a cross and sharp in minute 38 in the penalty area, Ter Stegen could not hold the ball and so came the ball to Borré, who then went to the ground after a duel with busquets. The Serbian referee Srdjan Jovanovic showed directly to the point, but then looked at the scene again on the video screen and finally took the decision back.

Until the pause, the SGE retained the upper hand, but what paid out after a restart: After a corner, the rebound landed 20 meters in front of the gate at Knauf, who picked up the ball again and then sinked in the right corner with the right. The shot turned away from Ter Stegen and was disvoltable (48.). Barça was well shocked, even the minutes after the hit went clearly to the entrance. Lindström almost even cared for the 2-0, his shot missed the left upper corner but in centimeters.

Barças superior moment

For the time being, Barça did not have to survive more dangerous attacks, the Catalans got the game something soothed and takeover more and more control. From his own penalty area, the SGE held the guests long away, after 66 minutes the Bluegranana but not to stop: the substitute de Jong played a double double pass with Ferran Torres, which then pushed from a central position in the box below.

The Frankfurt stability made the goal in the episode, but no one, although its own counterattacks became less and less and the paths against the ball were always longer. The defensive work became even more difficult from minute 78, as the already warned Tuta Pedri was clearly fouled and made with yellow-red from the square. Afterwards, the entrance to his own sixteen, he had to survive four corners in a row. But Barça had the last victory will miss, the Bluegranana came to no significant scorchance.

It remained at 1: 1, the Frankfurt continues to leave everything open for the second leg in Camp Nou for the coming Thursday (21 clock). Both teams deny their coming league game on Sunday. While Frankfurt receives the SC Freiburg at 5.30 pm, FC Barcelona is in three and a half hours later at UD Levante.

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