Andreas Thurau leaves the SFC star 1900

With the exception of a two-year interruption, Andreas Thurau has supported the SFC Stern 1900 in the past 16 years either active on or next to the place in the coaching team. In summer, this era will take an end. Because the Steglitzer Chef trainer has announced his retreat after the current season. “After five years, I would like that another coach to put new impetus and stimuli,” explains the 44-year-old’s decision in a message of the association. “I am professionally clamped to continue developing the team,” says Thurau. However, he will help the club and the team elsewhere, so his promise.

Ungeschlagener Meister: Andreas Thurau führt Stern 1900 in die Oberliga
“We thank you with the coach and people Andy Thurau for the very trusting, always open and friendly and very successful cooperation, and we are happy that he will be preserved to our association and supports the Management Board in the future in the future”, according to the 1st chairman Bernd Fiedler, who now has to look for a suitable successor with his club colleagues.

The SFC Stern 1900, which has moved into the Oberliga 2020, is currently at the end of the North Season. The views of the league are only small. Next, the table-four SC Staaken is waiting for the next.

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