Sklat after closing whistle: Cristiano Ronaldo apologizes

If Cristiano Ronaldo stays out over the summer at Manchester United, he could experience a premiere as a football problem at 37 years: Europe League Games.

OMG❗️ Man United 'Looking Into' Incident Involving Cristiano Ronaldo Smashig A Fan's Mobile Phone
After the 0: 1 in the descent candidate FC Everton, which seemed hopeless in free fall, is the Champions League qualifier for the Premier League seventh in and more distance. The excitement of the game still occurred on Saturday in Goodison Park just after the final whistle.

When Ronaldo humped from the lawn towards Spielertunnel – he had carried a bloody wound on the left shin – but he apparently hit a young fan the smartphone out of his hand, which fell crashing to the ground. And because the surrounding the scene hit the scene with her cell phones, she spread quickly on the internet.

“It’s never easy, in difficult moments, as we just experience with his emotions. Nevertheless, we must always be respectful and patient and give a good example of all the young people who love this beautiful game,” wrote Ronaldo on Evening on his social media channels.

“I would like to apologize for my outraster and, if possible, invite this fan to look at a game in Old Trafford – as a sign of fair play and sports spirits,” said the Portuguese. On Saturday United Receives Linter Norwich City.

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