Villarreal stops Bayerns 30-game series

Villarreal made something with his 1-0 home win, which last the FC Liverpool had been concluded in February 2019: to stop Bayern’s torsching machine. 0: 0 It was said at the beginning of the eighth-finish on the Anfield Road, in the return match the Münchner lost 1: 3 against the Reds and divorced. After the zero number in Liverpool, Bayern always met in 30 Champions League games in a row – until Wednesday evening.

The picture also felt that the record series of 22 games without award defeat was stopped in the Champions League of Villarreal-Coach Unai Emery. The previously last bankruptcy had existed four and a half years ago in the group stage on September 27, 2017 with a 0: 3 at Paris St. Germain. PSG coach at that time: Emery.

After the 90 minutes in which his team had loved several upquarettes and a distance gate had made, there was a 50-year-old mixed feelings: “We have made an almost perfect game. It would have been perfect if we had an even bigger lead would have. The result is, well, insufficient. “

The team does not have to be great about it, “that we have won and were temporarily better”. Because EMERY also knows: “Next week, a completely different task will wait for us again.” The second round of the Bayern is likely to be warning enough, after 1: 1 in the first leg Salzburg in Munich Krachend with 1: 7 under.

Villarreal can be Champions League away games

Villarreal vs. Bayern: Extended Highlights | UCL Quarter-Finals Leg 1 | CBS Sports Golazo

But Villarreal has just proved away in this Champions League season as dangerous and effective it may be: 4: 1 in Bern, 3: 2 in Bergamo, 3: 0 at Juve. The only defeat in the stranger – a 1: 2 at Manchester United \ – annoyed Emery until today so that he mentioned her on Wednesday evening: “In Manchester we made a great game and lost in the end. I was then stink’s sauer. But Football is like that. “

We managed to create situations where their smartest players did not come to unfolding.

Unai Emery

Addressed in the way Villarreal occurred and the German record champion did not come to his usual game at all, Emery replied, “We managed to create situations where they felt uncomfortable and in which their smartest players did not feel Development came. “

In the second leg next Tuesday (21 clock, live! At Unai Emery) he also sets his own appendix. “The fact that our fans are in Munich will be very important,” said the Basque Country-born EMERY, who gave the support of outside “crucial meaning”. He just wish, “that we can enjoy it,” said Emery.

If Villarreal goes as uncomfortable as on Wednesday, it will at least find the Bayern probably little edible.

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