Leclerc before festivals

After only three out of 22 races, Charles Leclerc has already 34 points in the Formula 1 TRANSPORT RUNDS APPRESSING ON THE RUNDING GEORGE RUSSELL IN MERCEDES. World Champion Max Stapen is already 46 counter back and fears for the disaster at the Grand Prix of Australia on Sunday further failures. Even for the two German drivers, little will run together at the beginning of the season.

Who wants to become a world champion must beat Leclerc

Lando Norris Trolls Charles Leclerc and George Russell
Two victories from three races, a convenient lead in the World Cup rating and undoubtedly the best car. Charles Leclec may dream of his first title early in the year after success in Australia. The Ferrari driver from Monaco impressed in Melbourne without mistakes and was no time to beat. Overall, Scuderia makes a strong job and can also look forward to a lot of support at the coming home game. At the Grand Prix in two weeks in Italian Imola, there could be Ferrari holidays. “It’s great to start the season, but we have to keep in mind that we are still early on the season. We can not afford to rest,” Leclerc said.

Unlimected worries on defending champion stages

In the past, Max had rarely had to worry about the reliability of his Red Bulls. Two failures in the first three races make the world champion out of the Netherlands now. According to his team, the defects in Bahrain and Australia had different causes of very different causes, which should only get the 24-year-old more. And Ferrari already seems so far suspended that stages and Co. have to increase significantly. “The residue is already pretty big,” Stapen said, which was lying out on Sunday for the second time on position two lying out: “We as a team still have a lot of work ahead of us.”

Vettel sits in the weakest car of the field

Sebastian Vettel likely to strike the trip to Australia quickly quickly from his memories. For the Hesse, nothing was done in Down and her. The Heppenheimer made himself a driving error, which led to the early failure. The 34-year-old also had to realize that the Aston Martin is just the weakest car of Formula 1. The British car maker has as the only one yet not retracted a World Cup point, improvement does not seem to be in sight. “There are many things we want to improve, but we do not have the solutions yet,” said the Hesse.

For Schumacher it is still not enough for points

Mick Schumacher had traveled with the great hope to finally get his first World Cup points. But it was nothing. As a 13th, it was not enough for the 23-year-old in Haas. “We were too far away with our speed,” said Schumacher. After all, he landed for the first time before his teammate Kevin Magnussen, the 14th. The Dane had already made it twice under the top ten and brings the Americans so points. In his second formula 1 year Schumacher wants to catch up now, the car seems to be able to fits everything. “We have learned a lot, hopefully we can take something and better do it in Imola,” said Schumacher.

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