Lost Ark: Where can you trade unas brand name and also just how do I be entitled to the most gold?

Inlost Ark, there are everyday missions that carry the name “Unas Tasks”. You can make your own currency: Unas brands. Wherever you exchanges this and what you require to pay interest to the exchange, we expose from Meinmmo in this guide.

Exactly how do you get unas brand name? Unas brands are a money that you can obtain for the conclusion of unas day-to-day and once a week jobs. For this you have to make points each week:

You can after that trade the collected brands with a gold supplier.

Where do you discover the gold supplier? The gold dealers are in every bigger city. The initial dealer can be discovered in Burg Luterra.

  • There are two points for each daily mission
  • There are 12 factors for every weekly mission

Depending upon the variety of factors you get various several brands. For instance, with 25 points, there are 30 brands, with 35 factors again 30, at 45 factors even 42 and so forth. Remember, however, that the variety of UNA’s brands scaled with the Item Level and resumed factors collected weekly (always Thursdays).

Gold deserve concerning Unas brands, but only with the best bag

What does the supplier deal? In the gold dealers, you can exchange unas brands in different things:

  • Baby bouncer gold bag – 80 unas brands
  • Tiny Safe – 200 Unas Brands
  • Large gold breast – 500 unas brands

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However, there are substantial differences in the gold compensates per brand:

The Pralle Goldsack is the most unpleasant offer overall.

Right here you obtain the most gold per brand. That is a player, can put on the wonderful gold chest and hope for the main win.

Can you exchange unas brands against something else? No, Unas brands can only be switched versus gold. However, you can gain silver as well as evaluation products over the daily as well as regular pursuits.

  • The prall gold bag brings securely 200 gold and after that once more with luck either 100 or 1,000 gold. The 200 gold is sure for 80 brands. A brand brings below securely 2.5 gold.
  • The little risk-free brings safely 600 gold for 200 brands. Each brand name is worth 3 gold here. In addition, you have the chance for one more 100 or 1,000 gold.
  • From the large gold chest you will definitely obtain 1,250 gold for 500 brands and also therefore back safe 2.5 gold per brand name. You have an opportunity to 100, 1,000 or even 10,000 gold. Of program you have a much far better yield if you are pulling the 10,000 gold.

Additional tips regarding the farm of gold in Lost Ark can be discovered right here:

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  • The prall gold bag brings safely 200 gold and also then once again with luck either 100 or 1,000 gold. * The little secure brings safely 600 gold for 200 brands. * From the big gold upper body you will absolutely get 1,250 gold for 500 brands as well as hence back safe and secure 2.5 gold per brand. Below you obtain the most gold per brand. ** No, Unas brands can only be swapped versus gold.

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