Michael Bay would have no problem working with Will Smith

Michael Bay Defends Will Smith
After your incident with Chris Rock during Óscar Awards of 2022, Will Smith has already suffered all kinds of legal and personal consequences. The actor fears that, after what happened, no one wants to work with him again, especially because Netflix and other important producers indefinitely suspended many of the productions where he was involved.

However, Michael Bay, who ran almost all the transformers franchise on the big screen, would have no problem working with smith in the future, even if many other studies reject it. Talkando with Entertainment Weekly, Bay said the following:

“Absolutely. One hundred percent would work with Smith again. He is a pretty balanced and intelligent guy. Very, very balanced and intelligent. “

Currently, Bay has been very busy giving interviews for the new movie, “ambulance”, and in each of them he has made his best effort to defend Smith . Of course, as long as the situation is presented.

Editor’s Note: Frankly, I doubt very much that Smith is going to be canceled, even if many other public figures have been pronounced against him. In addition to not being able to attend the Óscar Awards for the next 10 years, I do not see that there are additional punishments for the actor.

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