FC shallow 04 Involves U-23

???? Men's 4NT: Switzerland U23 - Finland U23 (3.09.2021)
“The U 23 is located in the Regionalliga West after six games without victory in the struggle for the leaflet,” begins Mathias Schober, director of Knappschwiede, his statement: “That’s why we decided to set a new impulse on the head coaching position “

The change planned for the summer from U-15-Coach Jakob Fimpel to the U 23 is preferred, he takes over the responsibility of the sideline. “We are convinced that with the early change to Jakob pipel, we can create the turnaround and the league blast together,” says Schober.

Fröhling thanked the royal blue for his almost four-year commitment, which found its highlight in the 2018/19 season and in a prematurely perfectly made direct rebuilding into the Regionalliga West.

Successor Fimpel Meanwhile knows about the challenge that awaits him: “I am convinced that we will be able to create the class content together. We are aware that it will be a great force in which we have to do our best until the last minute. Focused accordingly, we will take the new task in the team. “

Fimpel knows Schalke’s youth perfect – Premiere in Homberg

Fimpel has been working as a youth coach on Schalke since 2013. First, the 32-year-old acted as co-trainer of the U 15 under Willi Landgraf. At the same time he worked as a video analyst for several S04 junior teams. Even the U 15, U 16 and U 17 he learned intensively in his Schalker’s time. The U 23 is not a new territory for the native Filderst√§dter: in the 2017/18 season, he assisted onur Cinel. His active football career spent piping mostly at VfR Aalen.

In the Regionalliga West, the Schalke’s second division reserve is only 15. – with only one counter ahead of Alemannia Aachen. Its premiere is already celebrating pimpel on Friday (19 clock) when the existential important away game at the finalist VFB Homberg is pending.

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