Simeone direction Guardiola: Even those with fewer vocabulary are not that stupid

Guardiola had after the 1-0 gauge success, in which Atletico had not made a single shot and was extremely defensive, among other things, the tactics had been “prehistoric”: “They played 5-5-0.” After the second leg on Wednesday, the Catalan then explained that Colchoneros had played “brilliant” and took up again to his statements: “I did not mean that so. I just said that it – whether in the past, today or in Future – always difficult to compete against a team that defends very well. “

Simeone, however, only had the bodied words after the first leg. Whether Guardiola lacked the respect was asked the 51-year-old. “Often those who have a big vocabulary are very intelligent and manage to punish one with contempt,” said Sime1. “But those of us who may have less vocabulary are not so stupid.”

'I'm not going to talk about these stupid debates' - Pep Guardiola on comparison with Diego Simeone
To the wild scenes in the 90th minute, including space reference for Felipe, he explained, “I was so far away that we do not know what happened. The referee told me that he has stepped on one of her players. It has stepped on one of her players If so many people were involved that I have not seen anything. “

Simeones Whimsical explanation for applause

That he would have clapped mocking manship because of the time game of manship, Simeone said and offered a slightly whimsical explanation. “I? No, please, I applauded the fans because they would appreciate the team’s efforts. How can I not applaud such people?”

Because of the time game, however, “nothing to say. There is always a referee who monitors the rules. I want to congratulate the opponent who has delivered a great game and played the kind of football we are used to.”

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