Gold decision: Dorsch meets expectations

Sometimes he has to curb something. As in the home game of FC Augsburg against Wolfsburg. Only two minutes were played when Dorsch got his opponent Lukas Nmecha rustic from his legs: yellow. So be biased early in a game, no good starting position is per se. For a player like dorsch, who lives on the six against the ball of rupid two-fight, threatens to take the game with each other duel a premature end. Markus Weinzierl was the risk at some point too big, he left his midfield leader outside after the half-time break.

Since his team won at the end 3: 0, Dorsch can see a good conscience the positive aspect. “Personally, I was able to pull my doctrine from it. That’s exactly how I will go into the game against Hertha, but still a bit more turn on her head and do not go in every duel,” explained the 24-year-old before the home game against the Berliner on Saturday afternoon (15.30, live! At Telled Dorsch). His style of play should not suffer from the precautionary measure. “I have already shown that I can go aggressively into the two-fighting without geting an early yellow card,” said Dorsch.

Weinzierl calls for continuity

His coach will not excuse him. But on the contrary. With a view to the ten goals in the early terminals, most of the league comparison, he even demands exactly this attitude from his protégé. “We need this aggressiveness, especially right from the beginning. He should continue exactly”, demands Weinzierl.

Each way to continue, Dorsch can also be in its general development from the point of view of the Augsburger. Bundesliga granddaughter he tasted for the first time four years ago, 2018 in the jersey of FC Bayern, then a number too big at that time. Two years at second division Heidenheim and a season including eight European cocal inserts at the Belgian Club Kaa Gent have tire the 1.78 meter right-footed. The expectations were great than the freshly chorous U-21 European champion came to Augsburg in summer. Around seven million euros, the club made his top transfer cost, which signed until 2026.

After initial starting difficulties, the native obstacle comes gradually at the end of his first season in the Fuggerstadt. “Of course there were several heights and depths in my season so far, what I knew from the outset. I have already said more often that the Bundesliga is naturally another level. Even if there is still a lot of air upwards, for me and for me The team, I feel more comfortable in the square, “Telled Dorsch.

He’s scary well

Markus Weinzierl About Niklas Dorsch

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“It’s not easy to find in a team in the Bundesliga. He has done well in the course of the preliminary round and has a positive development. In the last few weeks and months he plays very stable, very ripened, very matured, he is scary well. As a coach, I’m also scary too well to have such a player in the center who can do everything; the defensive battle strong is and offensive game structure gets into the team “, supplemented weinzierl.

More than fighting power, will and readiness

It’s not just the fighting power, the will, and the readiness, they are also playful highlights – especially his 30-meter dream goal in the first round against Cologne – which distinguish the midfielder. With him Managing Director Stefan Reuter and Kaderplanner Timon Paul, who knows Dorsch from his time as Chefscout in FC Bayern, fishing the game type, from which in the team is still too few: young and hungry, but at the same time with the experience and the will to take responsibility. “A gold-proof decision to have brought him. He puts around what we have hoped for,” emphasized weinzierl.

Who watches dorsch on the lawn, which sees a self-confident player. His dominant occur, but his presence can also take trains of arrogance. If the services are correct, he can allow himself. And the services have been right for weeks. The important 2-1 success in the recent home game against Mainz also thanks to the team too dorsch, who threw themselves in the final phase in every ball (and opponents). He was also yellow in this game too, since the 41st minute. But it was good. That the FCA in Munich last until the 82nd minute the zero, was also too big sharing his merit.

So it should also run in the coming basement duel against the crisis Hertha. “We know that we have a huge chance. And we know that we have shown great services at home,” said Dorsch. A victory on Saturday afternoon – and the leaflet would be ahead of tables 17 at then nine counters. Probably pouched.

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