Have every second loved – Klopp for the first time in the FA Cup

For a breakthrough, there is no time, already on Tuesday it continues in the league against Manchester United (21 clock). Nevertheless, the FC Liverpool can look back on the week of truth at least for a few hours.

In the league, the Reds considered all the chances, in the Champions League they moved sovereign into the semi-final – and also in the FA Cup, the chances of Jürgen Klopp are better than ever.

That was one of the best halves we ever played. We played incredibly!

Jürgen Klopp

At the second meeting of the two currently best clubs of England, the Reds caught a nearly perfect first half, performing the skyblues phase and led 3-0. Therefore then Klopp swarmed on the game at Dazn in the highest tones of his team: “That was one of the best halves we ever played. We made everything right and hit the right moment. We have played incredibly! I played Have loved every second of it, “said the 54-year-old.

Klopp praises opponent city, but the Reds use your chance

For the first time in his seven-year term at the Reds, the success trainer reached the final of the oldest football competition in the world – the semi-final was new territory – and this season still has the chance to collect a title quartet. The League Cup has already won the Reds, in the league, in the FA Cup and in the Champions League, they belong to the last candidates.

On the other hand, the triumph over Guardiolas Skyblues as a statement to referred to Klopp. “We just wanted to move into the final. City knew that it gets hard against us. It’s so hard to win against her, her quality is unbelievable,” Klopp also praised the opponent, but also exaggerated this praise again His team. “With these guys in my cabin you have a chance, and that’s reason enough to try it against you.” The chance have used the Reds. Now on May 14th in Wembley against Chelsea or Crystal Palace, for the first time since 2006, the trophy to stretch the cup to the height.

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