Seoane: Would you sleep quietly? Probably yes!

The question is purely rhetorical, the Gerado Seoane for injury flood at Bayer 04. And the non-necessary answer to this gives Leverkusen trainer directly. “Would you sleep quietly, if everyone would be there? Probably already,” says the Swiss, “but that’s just like that, we have to come with those who are there Rausetroot maximum. “

Florian Wirtz, Jeremie Frimpong, Amine Adli, Timothy Fosu-Mensah, Karim Bellarabi and Talent Zidan Sertdemir definitely drop out on Sunday in the top game against Leipzig. Behind defense chief Jonathan Tah, his coach declared his coach on Wednesday as “at the present time not operational”, and attacker Sardar Azmoun, which is currently recovered by an infection with antibiotic use, are question mark.

Now more needs to be worn.

Gerardo Seoane

Powder and Rails: Dave Seoane
With so many failures, specialists are no longer available for all positions so that Seoane has to improvise. Accordingly, the game preparation is much more complicated than before. “Meanwhile, it is so that we do not just have to invest a lot more time in the lineup, but also have to integrate the possible changes much more into our preparation,” explains the coach.

He only has a one-to-one replacement on a few positions. Substance against Leipzig will in many cases lead to other personal rochades in the field. “If you have eight players on the bench, there are always solutions. With only five players, not all positions are covered. There you have to try to perform certain scenarios. Normally the solution is already there”, explains Seoane, “now more be torn. “

“It’s about playing customs”

But not only the personnel occupation requires coaches and team special. Also, due to crucial failures in the offensive playing way, the work influences the work elementary for all involved.

“We have defensively more robustness and buggy strength, but in the offensive a little less buggy strength. We expect our own not to do this offensive fireworks. No, it’s about playing,” explains the Swiss.

Defensively Bayer acts significantly more stable over the past few weeks. No miracle when you play for emergencies with four central defenders in the four-chain and with three central midfield players before. But the art is now in a tactical orientation, which basically distinguishes itself clearly from the previous ones to find the right balance. “The question is”, says Seoane, “How can we still go goals?”

That without wirtz, Adli, Bellarabi and Frimpong is offensively less, is no surprise. “Against Bochum (0: 0, note d. Red.) We did not make it that way,” says the coach on the subject of opportunities, “against Hertha (2: 1, Note d. Red.) We did it, But if you play too zero, you know that you can also win through a standard situation. ” Lastly, Bayer ranged four hits in three games to seven points, as they only conceded one goal.

For Torjäger Patrik Schick, Wing Storm Moussa Diaby and Co. but it becomes much more difficult to shine. “If you have the ball more often, you get better in the rhythm. It is the task for these players, that you take the situations you get with total determination and attempts to accept,” calls Seoane, but knows: “It has a higher level of difficulty. “

The fact that the qualification for the Champions League can advise the many failures with four games against competitors around the European Cales. Is Seoane (“direct delle have a special character”) aware. He does not want to address this because he would only supply an alibi. So he says, “Other clubs also had many injured or maybe they have in two weeks.”

Rather, he demands that his team in this emergency situation takes the next step. “With this changed style of play, we have to develop. That’s not what we wanted to offer on the first day. That’s no longer the game from before,” he says, “Nevertheless, you can successfully play football.” It now applies to make the most of the situation.

In this, he also looks a chance: “I believe that we will become even stronger. This connects the team even more. The team has to support much more. She will again face a greater challenge again.”

Seoane is based on Ancelotti

These should master his remaining professionals. Even if U-19-Defense Sadik Fofana (18) may be nominated for the matchday offering, Seoane sees others in doubt. He is based on Carlo Ancelottis decisions in the Champions League quarterfinals of Real Madrid on Tuesday against FC Chelsea.

However, during the game of the right-distance Daniel Carvajal, the Italian was ordered to the defense center for Nacho and the learned, but now to the defender on the right outside Lucas Vasquez, let the position Carvajals.
On an assignment of the defender Rafa Marin (19) sitting without any professional experience on the bench, the Real coach renounced.
“At the moment I would rather convert a player from our squad like Real Madrid on Tuesday, as in such a phase to force a 17-year-old to the debut,” explains Seoane, “That would not be ideal for me.”
Ideally, however, they are far from Leverkusen in front of the Leipzig game.

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