Three plans for Würzburg

Before the difficult task in the table-second DJK Vilzing, thick air reigned again at the ASV Neumarkt. At first, when graduating at the Gründonnerstag, the coach duo Schmid / Geitner, scared in February, stood on the mat because the association had failed to extend the eight-week exemption period of the two. The next day it came to the composition with InterimScoach Michael Lohse, who spoke in the interview with the Mittelbayerische Zeitung about his satisfactory situation in Neumarkt. On Saturday morning, one has separated in the “mutual consent”, so ASV linguer Thomas Lehmeier to FUPA. Until the acquisition of Dominic Rühl in summer, Kevin Leidl and Fred Numüller is now able to lead the ASV as quiet as possible through the remaining gaming days.

However, the renewed restlessness did not seem to be trailed at the team, because despite 1: 0 guidance by MJAKI (33.) who had left the defensive of the host, and good first half, the Neumarkters picked up a 1: 4- Lock off. It was a temporal and open game with scoring chances on both sides, which both delivered in the first round. Müller countered the Mjaki guidance after the break after a flank with his head (38.). The first half was even balanced, the second was very much vilzing. Luge, who is leaving the DJK at the end of the season, turned the encounter (62th) after a high-pass hit the baseline. No 60 seconds later, the Goalgetter combined with younger, which made the double strike perfectly, through the Neumarkter defense series – 3: 1. Even on the fourth Vilzinger goal, Luge was involved. Its corner ball Bugged Wendl short distance to the final score over the line (84th). Vilzing is thus leading leader FC Eintracht Bamberg close to the heels.

The Primus, however, had to fight harder at the 2-1 success against the relegation candidate Vatan Sor Aschaffenburg, intimately thought. Although the FCCE had, of course, from the game and went through coach Kolbeck (31.) and Elshani (40th) before the break in the lead, after the side exchanger, the fighting hosts came back by Ünal Noyan (67.). With a little luck Aschaffenburg could have kept a point at home, but Bamberg, which can move away on Monday on four points, still have some opportunities for preliminary decision.

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There were more clear victories for the Bamberger’s pursuers from Ansbach and Erlangen as well as for city trival DJK Don Bosco. The trio hit the front five times. The SPVGG Ansbach still sat down after pause-draw with 5: 1 against undertaking SV Seligenorden, during the ATSV gain the result of three hits in the final phase against the ability threatened 1. FC sand still on 5: 0 up screwed up. Don Bosco also won 5: 0 at the DJK Ammerthal. Players of the day was Dominik Sperlein, who net four times.

Würzburg loses, cham closes

Colorful, meanwhile, it went to play between the FV 04 Würzburg and the TSV Abtswind. The balance sheet: eight yellow cards and three place references for the homeland, the chance to lie on three important counters in the relegation battle. The only hit of the game was Hartleb in the 69th minute. Abtswind awarded a penalty before.

Through the Würzburg bankruptcy is the leaflet for the now equal ASV Cham, which continued his winning streak against the TSV Greaterbardorf, again close. In the first round there were hardly highlights. After changing, cold ice succeeded in the 52nd minute leadership, but Schmid abruptly countered (54.). But Medineli was once again at the 77th minute and made the fourth victory and the sixth unbeaten game in series for the Oberpfälzer perfect, which now on Monday the important basement duel at the TSV Karlburg before the chest.

Already on Thursday evening, the 29th matchday was opened with two games. The TSV Karlburg posted the 1. SC moist and the SPVGG Bavaria Hof at DJK Vorben each an important away win in the relegation battle. At Karlburg, Martin (55th) was the acclaimed contactors to the 1: 0 victory goal. The Hofer Bavaria, on the other hand, had an early residue to cope – Joncy met for the initially more pruning hosts from the point (8.) -, thanks to Knoll (27th) and Feulner (47th) the encounter but. After the Hofer 2: 1 guidance, Fülbach urged the compensation, the defensive of the Upper Franconia held despite the subnumbered – Schmidt saw the traffic light card in the 78th minute – but stood the attacks of the guests.

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