Whereabouts on 1. FC Cologne? Steffen Baumgart lets

Trainer Steffen Baumgart plans his future at the 1st FC Cologne. The chef coach, whose contract is running until June 30, 2023, expects to extend the contract at the football Bundesliga club.

“We are in exchange, and there is no time pressure, I’m looking forward to the next year. It is clear that I want to stay here,” said the 50-year-old the TV channel “Picture”. Requests from other clubs he did not have, explained Baumgart. “My statements are too clear.”

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He wants to continue to use the opportunity to participate in the international business with the 1st Cologne with his team after 3-1 success in the Rheinische Derby at Borussia Mönchengladbach.

“It’s clear that you do not lose sight of this goal,” said FC coach. Nevertheless, one should not be too euphoric.

“We do not know what happens in the summer. We also arouse desires what players are concerned. It could give a change. We are also financially not in the best situation. We have to continue to stabilize in the Bundesliga,” explained the Cologne Coach.

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