Hrádecky frustrated: Is there no excuses anymore

That he stood most of the season for top club circumstances in a small shooting floor, Lukas Hrákoby was able to endure in the face of offensive spectacles of his leading people.

“As long as you do four in front, it does not matter if you check one or two at the back,” the goalkeeper of the Football Bundesliga club Bayer Leverkusen had said recently. Through the great injury Misere this has turned completely. And the new situation with little at the front as well as back is much harder for the Finn. “Shooting without goals, you do not come to the Champions League,” Hrákoby warned after 0: 1 against RB Leipzig and the loss of third to the Saxony: “Four times 0: 0 will not be enough.”

For two and a half Playing, Bayer is now without gate, until the 28th matchday, the Werkself had only achieved a hit only twice. But the failures, especially of offensive Allrounder Florian Wirtz, have caused a small break. “We are used to having five, six, seven, eight chances,” said coach Gerardo Seoane: “But that’s not possible at the moment, it’s not the moment to play so offensively against such an opponent.”

Against RB, the best team of the second half, Seoane had ordered eight predominantly defensive thinking player in the Startelf. This, so assured, but was in the mix of situation and opponents rather due to the latter. Next week at the bottom of the table Spvgg Greuther Fürth, the Bayer could finally shoot back to the 2nd league, it should look different again. “Of course, we want to offer much more,” the coach explained.

That must also be, calls Hrákoby. It is clear: on an end game around the Champions League on the only one point Freiburger wants to engage in Leverkusen nobody. “Normally, we are offensively shaped, that’s Bayer Leverkusen,” said the Finn: “You can see it for two, three games.”

What, the captain indicated, also a settings thing could be. “Today I was not completely satisfied with the tension and attitude,” the 32-year-old said, “Everyone has to ask himself. Do we want to play Champions League? All can play well enough football and as a team we actually work.” Therefore, for Hrákoby, it is clear: “There must be no excuses now.” Also not the many failures.

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