Luka Modric praises: character and fans at reals incredible

It ran the 80th minute in the home game Real Madrid against Chelsea. The Londoner had at least once until then and made 1: 3 out of the quarter-final first leg, next to the Englishman Mason Mount (15th) also met German international Antonio Rüdiger (51.) and Timo Werner (75th). But then Luka Modric’s ingenious moment came: The 36-year-old Kroaten circle the ball with the external period of hair in the run of Joker Rodrygo, who was hardly on the place when he carried the buttered flank with a contact from the air into the gate.

Praise for “the hardest team, against which you can play” – and coach Ancelotti

Real was back, although Luka Modric expressed it loud the UEFA, “in the ropes” hung. Chelsea had not only shot “three good gates”, for the blues was actually more in it. Thomas Tuchel’s team made good opportunities. What the interior-back Nacho in the end “The DNA of our association to hold the end to the end”.

Sure, much is still improving, especially at the beginning Carlo Ancelottis team slept, said Nacho. But against Chelsea, however, everyone was realized, “that it would be difficult. For me they are the most difficult team against which you can play,” the after the encounter of the UEFA to the player of the game announced Modric.

Real Madrid was still back. Thanks to Chelsa’s opportunity richer, thanks to its own faith – and thanks to the viewers in the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu: “We showed great character. The fans were very helpful. When we returned 0: 3, they have further supported us, and that has another Thrust given, “Modric was pleased, who also praised his coach. Ancelotti have made “great changes”. Not only Joker Rodrygo was influential for the game of Madrilen. The competition experience of the 62-year-old coach played “an important role”.

When we returned 0: 3, they have further supported us, and that gave us another thrust.

Luka Modric about the fans

Ultimately, the most important role took another: Karim Benzema, who achieved 2: 3 in the extension with his fourth goal in this year’s duels with Chelsea. Thus, Real Madrid revenge has taken revenge for leaving the semi-finals of the previous year – and the last five K.-O. games against the reimburping defendant of the premier class, in this case Chelsea, won.


One thing so far always happened when real switched the defending champion…

At Real Madrid, it’s just taught from small, “that you never gave up,” said Nacho, either, if it looks like a good thing about Chelsea on the square. What the players get after a strong morality as against the blues is meanwhile clear: support of the fans and “every time a goose bumps, if you experience such an evening in the Bernabeu.” Modric, as well as its previous speaker, found only one word for the “sweet defeat”: “Unbelievable.”

Likewise, the following fact is: Whenever Real turned the defending champion, it crowned itself to the winner of the royal class…

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