Mourinho still laughs: El Shaarawy equals Napoli late

After the wins of Inter (3: 1 in La Spezia) and Milan (2: 0 against CFC Genoa), the SSC Naples in the fight for the Scudetto was already under pressure – the motto was almost: losing prohibited.

VAR answers, instigours uses it

Accordingly, Napoli was engaged from the beginning to works and pushed the Roma deep in their half. When it was the first time in the penalty area, it was equal to the same: according to VAR notification referee Marco di Bello evaluated the use of Ibanez against Lozano as a foul game (7.). The penalty penalty transformed captain insignia safely (11th).

Roma has to collect only


The Roma looked shocked and hardly took place. Further on the pusher were the home owners who did not use a double opportunity through Osimhen and Lozano but not to expand the leadership (20th). After over half an hour, the Giallorossi had finally shaken the shock from the limbs and were slowly more bold. For the first good opportunity, however, it took the help from the opponent: Osimhen counterfeited a sharply towards goal free kick from Pellegrini to his own lath (39.).

Napoli Keeper Meret, who did not replace the Ospina standing for flu symptoms, had to engage only at Zalewski’s shot of sharp angle (45. + 1).

Highlighted second pass

The second pass was then much more manageable. Napoli did not do more than necessary and also realized playback errors. Goose hazard was created by telecommunications of Zielinski (69.) and Elmas (71.) only in the approach.

The Roma was defensively now significantly better, worked offensively but continued unhappy. Abraham crashed a header from a promising position Total (61.), Mancini had the right timinig in his attempt, for no precision (66th).

Mourinho smiles

The Roma would like to have compensated with a faulfämeter, but referee di Bello evaluated Mersets boarding against Zaniolo as not very eleven. The Bank of the Giallorossi saw the fundamentally different, replacementkeeper Daniel Fuzato saw the red card (79th) – Mourinho smiled away the trouble.

José Mourinho had something to laugh in the end. Imago / sportphoto24

Mourinho laughs

Only a little later, the Portuguese was allowed to laugh right, but also because he was involved: In the eight-minute inheritance time, the Roma came across Pellegrini over right forward. The pass to the middle of Abraham went on to his back on the substitute El Shaarawy, the ice cold completed in the left corner (90. + 1).

Thus, the Roma remains unbeaten in the twelfth series A game in a row. Napoli, on the other hand, has to let the Milan Lace Duo have something to pull something and now has two points behind the second inter – Mourinhos ex-Club (2008-2010, CL winner) is the next opponent of the Roma.

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