The del top teams among themselves: hope for full halls

Confetti rain in the empty arena, Schampus only in the cabin and the master celebration virtual: After the sterile record title a year ago, the polar bears Berlin want to catch up on their ice hockey party – for the first time after two Corona seasons again in the sold-out stadium. “It’s a lot of fun brutally,” National Manuel said again before the start of the play-off semi-final, “We enjoy it very much, and the fans enjoy it too.”

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Del classic before sold-out ranks?

In the first duel with the ADLERN MANNHEIM on Wednesday (19.30 clock) it could be so far after 773 days: In Berlin you hope for the first time again on a sold-out house with 14,200 spectators in the Arena on the Ostbahnhof. The classic between the two most successful clubs of Del from the capital and the Kurpfalz offers the best conditions for this. Also on Friday (19.30 clock) on game two in Mannheim could be sold for the first time for the first time for over two years again all 13,600 tickets.

A full arena feel like it, “as if we were constantly playing with six field players,” said Adler Manager Jan-Axel Alavaara, whose team in the quarterfinals for the first time felt more than 10,000 fans on domestic ice. Although after the extended main round is not played back after the old mode “Best-of-7”, but real play-off fever is back – after the cancellation of the master round 2020 and ghosts a year ago.

Eagle in the role of the challenger

The polar bears are according to their constant strong major round of the favorite on the title, it would be their neither. But the eagles who won the silver cup seven times have a similarly exquisite-occupied squad – and since the outward of coach Pavel Gross, the joy of the ice hockey apparently recalled. Under “Firefighter” Bill Stewart won in seven games five times, most recently convincing with 8: 3 in game four of the quarter-final against the Straubing Tigers. “We are a hard chunks,” says National Tim Wellemedian.

In the second “Best-of-5” duel, the EHC Red Bull Munich – title carrier from 2016 to 2018 is true – on Vizemeister Wolfsburg. “Between the big ones we are the little Gallic village,” says Wolfsburg’s defender Dominik Bittner. But a crash outsider are no longer the Lower Saxony. After the hard won 2-0 against Bremerhaven in the fifth quarter-finals, they are already in the ninth time (!) Since 2010 in the round of the last four.

Wolfsburg hopes for furrow

“We do not do Underdog,” Fits National Player Bittner. After a total of four lost final series, the title of the Grizzly’s “huge”. In addition, the Wolfsburgs have an additional motivation: Captain Sebastian Fürner, who was unhappy with his head in the gang in the first quarter of the quarter, wants to stop his career after the play-offs without further use.

“It’s better from day to day,” Manager Karl-Heinz is flying, “he tries everything to return to the ice again.” The decisive quarter-finals was the 39-year-old again in the hall and spoke his teammate courage. “We would like to give him the chance,” says Bittner, “his career titled to crown.”

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