Marvels Wolverine for PS5 is expected to be soon with the MO-CAP

It has been a while since Insomniac Games announced his fifth PS5 game, Marvel’s Wolverine. But it looks as if the MO cap for Marvels Wolverine will soon begin, which indicates that the game is now in a further development phase in the studio.

Mike Yosh, a senior animator of the game, posted Twitter a picture of Insomniac’s Mo-Cap studio and the caption “So peaceful and calm… It won’t be so long”. This strongly indicates that the game will start shortly with the motion capture work if this has not yet happened, the script, the action and the most important narrative beats are all defined.

Although the game enters a new development phase, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be the fourth PS5 game from Insomniac and will be released in 2023 in front of Wolverine. So you shouldn’t expect until at least 2024 to see a Gameplay demo from Logan that cuts and dice people in Hautsplitters, and you have to wait longer for Marvel’s Wolverine’s release date.

Marvel's Wolverine (PS5) Will Start Motion Capture Soon! - Things Going In The Right Direction!

In any case, these are still exciting news and it is great to know that the project in the California studio is good.

So peaceful and calm,… that will not stay long.

  • Mike Yosh (@mike_yosh) 21. April 2022

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