Tedesco wants more offensive rangers and criticizes mood

Not the worst result for Rangers at the first game against Leipzig
Domenico Tedesco was clear that the Glasgow Rangers at RB Leipzig would not play on possession of the ball at RB Leipzig. However, Leipzig surprised that Giovanni van Bronckhorst stopped his team as defensively as he did, namely with a 5-3-2 that was deep in his own half. “This is brutal”, Tedesco was read to the lips in round one, his team simply did not find a gap on the defensive of the Scots.

But that was also due to the unusually many simple mistakes that Leipzig made, especially in the last third. “We didn’t play quickly enough,” complained captain Peter Gulacsi at “RTL”, “the Rangers demanded a lot,” recognized Benjamin Henrichs. Even the otherwise so playful Christopher Nkunku, Dani Olmo and Dominik Szoboszlai could hardly be staged, not even in narrow rooms. “If I could wish for it, I would have put the rangers in a chain of four and a little more offensive. They come here and stand deep, but that’s completely fine, that has happened to us more often,” Tedesco commented on the rangers approach.

“Can thank you for this Sunday shot”

In round two, RB came to the end somewhat more often, especially Nkunku. The otherwise accurate Frenchman left great chances unused. “We had the game under control, only the goal was missing for a long time,” said Angelino, who made it late for Leipzig to cheer – by lush volley, the Spaniard scored 18 meters. “We can thank Angelino for this Sunday shot,” Henrichs knew that otherwise it would have been tight with a goal on Thursday evening.

The 1-0 now takes RB to the Ibrox Stadium. Tedesco does not assume that the Rangers will initially change their orientation: “Maybe not from the beginning. But at some point they have to come,” said the 36-year-old, who is only a step of the second final in this one with RB Season is removed.

In order to make the final in Seville perfect, Leipzig has to “play very clever” in Glasgow, according to keeper Gulacsi. The backdrop in the Ibrox Stadium has often helped the Rangers this season, and around 7,000 guest fans were already in the stadium in Leipzig. “There are better moods, I’m honest,” Tedesco was not really taken with the entire support in the Red Bull Arena.

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