Guest blocks go to home fans in the season finale – only 1,800 tickets left

If you do not yet have a ticket for the home game on May 14 against the second man -like of 1. FC Köln, but do not want to miss the possible heartbeat final in the Prussian stadium, you have to be very quick. Just 1,800 tickets are still available, except for around 300 tickets in the home block o, all places on the main grandstand, the back straight and in the east curve are already sold out. In order to achieve the maximum occupancy of 14,300 visitors, the two guest blocks I and J also go completely to the Prussian fans.


The guest blocks I and J offer space for a total of 2,000 spectators, 1,500 of these places are now available outdoors. The 500 remaining places are used for internal purposes, e.g. go to the youngstars, trainers, supervisors or the numerous volunteers of the sports club.

It is always worth looking at the ticket shop. Occasionally, returns from already sold -out blocks go back to the free sale.

To the online ticket shop

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