Heckings point landing: We still lack a bit for the top

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Even if the season has not yet ended, at and around the FCN is struggled for a first conclusion – while those responsible in their endeavor to sustainably back on the road to success are confirmed, quite a few fans mourn the chance the climb.

Both perspectives are understandable when you consider that the former are committed to realism, and second part of the parliamentary group belong to emotions. Both can even be put together to be a coherent whole: The fact that the FCN attachment can now be grave to a witness is a clear indication that the season has been a good one for the Franks or is still.

The ambitious -sounding goal is achieved

In the two seasons before finally, everything revolved around the descent and how to avoid it. And when the sporting leadership before the start of the season was the goal of 5 to 8 last summer, at least this seemed ambitious.

With a closer look, however, also feasible, the corrections of the completely missed conversion after the Bundesliga relegation in 2019, which did not end in the following class in the following class, began to grab visibly. The sports director Dieter Hecking, who had been rejected after the happily survived relegation relegation against Ingolstadt, had clearly set the right course, installed a good new coaching staff with Robert Klauß, which the squad coherently changed as part of the contract constellations found. In short: Last summer it became apparent that this renewed renovation gave the traditional association a promising perspective.

Hecking: For above “We still lack a little”

Seen in this way, this season can also be seen as a logical result of an initiated development. The fact that the climb even seemed possible in the second half of the season seemed to be the strange debate in the area whether an ascent would not be too early. And even if those responsible had already seen the return to the Bundesliga, for financial reasons alone, they have never known the circumstances. “It has had a reason why we gave 5th to 8th place as the goal. In order to land at the top, we still lack a bit under normal circumstances,” said Dieter Hecking.

The sports director kept right, even if he recently hoped that the factors “nerve strength and will” may be the decisive factor in the league after the 3-1 home win over Darmstadt, which was achieved with a lot of passion.. Even if the former plays a major role, the second unchanged is the key to success. See the 2-1 win of the Schalke in Sandhausen, which was achieved on Friday in added time, with a lot of force and will, but also with the class of a Simon Terodde.

If you are honest, we were missing a few details compared to the others.

Tom Krauss

So is it idle to ponder where the FCN left the climb? In the first half of the season when he could not win against the front of the table with the exception of Heidenheim, or in the second half of the season when he scored against the big ones, but suddenly weakened against the cellar children? At the Sport Sport in BR, the young midfield ace Tom Krauss (20) gave the right answer: “If you are honest, we were missing a few details compared to the others.” The Hecking forecast greets.

perspectives are better – the demands grow again

The prerequisites that these details may no longer be missing in the next season are met. Even if the effort to extend the loan of Krauss with RB Leipzig should fail, the squad remains a well -rehearsed, exciting mix of experienced and talented players. A mix that will even be stronger if Hecking and sports director Olaf Rebbe succeed in strengthening the offensive department. What will be new to the FCN compared to the past two years: higher demands are placed on it – and with which it needs to be dealt with.

main sponsor extended

“We want to continue to grow organically and take the next steps,” emphasizes Rebbe, which in turn anticipates what the environment expects from the club: he should play for the promotion, whether it will work in the end, stands up on a different sheet, that the competition will also write one or the other important word.

What is already certain: the club keeps organic growth in the project, which means nothing more than continuity. So it fits into the picture that the main sponsor Nürnberger Versicherung has extended his contract until 2025.

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