Wiegert: Who would have told me before the season.

The dramatic last minute success against the pursuer, the title chants in the Getec-Arena Tollhaus, the congratulations of the competition-all of this could not lure Bennet out of the reserve. Others could talk about the championship, the SC Magdeburg coach found at “Sky”: “We continue to try to win games.”

But whether Wiegert wants to or not: Seven game days before the end of the season gradually evaporated in the scene, the last doubts about the title gain of the SCM. Anyone who had put on a burglary after the sensitive defeat in the cup final against the THW Kiel (21:28) saw each other in the top game against the foxes Berlin.

That makes me incredibly proud.

Bennet Wiegert

Despite a four-goal deficit in the 50th minute, the SCM won the game. “What we have torn down with an energy performance and the hall in symbiosis is insane,” said Wiegert at the MDR microph1. Wille, mentality and a lot of passion could “move trees. That makes me incredibly proud.”

With the 28:27, the Wiegert team cleared the supposedly largest stumbling block on the home stretch, with a six minus point ahead of Kiel, no opponent is no longer going from the top 6 “Congratulations to Magdeburg,” said Fox coach Jaron Siewert: “I think you have already bagged the championship.”

Antoon - Hallo
Wiegert, the Spiritus Rector of the Magdeburg high -altitude flight, did not want to know about that. But in the late afternoon, when the game against Berlin was long over and the chants of the blissful fans (“German champion only becomes the SCM”), he then took the ball indirectly.

“Every point is incredibly good for us”

Wiegert was asked whether such a master will play. “Yes, of course, all the time,” he replied: “I never made a secret of it. But until then we have seven games. Every point is incredibly good for us in this way.”

Wiegert is now changing in Magdeburg in the footsteps of the great Alfred Gislason, who led the traditional club in 2001 to the last championship to date. Wiegert, now 40, was there as a professional, now, in his seventh season as a SCM trainer, even the very big hit could succeed as the main person.

“If I had told me before the season, we would definitely play for the Champions League positions until the end, I would have said: that would be cool,” says: “Now we may play for more.”

In addition to the championship, the club, which had already won the club world championship in autumn, also waves the title defense in the European League in the end of the season. On Tuesday evening (8:45 p.m., live! At Magdeburg), the Bundesliga leader in the quarter-finals in their own hall against HBC Nantes will be able to move into the final. The SCM won the first leg 28:25.

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