The rumor of God of War Ragnarok suggests that the new revelation will not arrive soon

A new rumor has suggested that we will not hear anything new associated with the war of the Ragnarok_ war for a little more time. Since last September, PlayStation and developer Santa Monica Studio have remained incredibly silent about the new details associated with the next installment of the God of War series. And although some fans expected that silence to break significantly, we are now five months from 2022 and nothing new has happened. Unfortunately, if this new rumor in question turns out to be accurate, it seems that May will come and leave without new information about ragnarok.

According to a source called Ashhong, the rumors associated with a PlayStation State of Play for May 2022 could be linked to the war of the Ragnarok_ war are not precise. In a recent comment about RestabaShhong, he said that a state of play for ragnarok in May is “too soon” according to what they have heard in the past. With this in mind, he seems to suggest that Sony and Santa Monica Studio will remain silent about the title until June as soon as possible.

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In recent weeks, Santa Monica Studio himself launched a new message for fans who expect news about the Ragnarok_ war. The message, which was released by director Cory Barlog, made it clear that the study will show more than ragnarok whenever he is able to do so. «So many things are happening at this time that I would like to share them with you, but you are not ready to show yourself. But I guarantee that at the time, in the second in which we have something we are ready to share, we will share it with you, ”Barlog told fans.

For now, the only thing we are still sure is that the Ragnarok_ War Here at every time we learn more.

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