Farewell tour: Reindls time as Deb

Franz Reindl hung the gold medals to the Berlin master ice bear, watched the national coach Toni Söderholm at the international matches and looked at the future of his sport at the U-18 World Cup in Landshut and Kaufbeuren. In his last days as President of the DEB, the 67-year-old was in constant use. “It was a feeling of farewell,” said the outgoing leader of the association on Wednesday.

After more than three decades, the multifunctional, which significantly shaped the German ice hockey. Not quite as he had imagined. Because the end of his second career is overshadowed by allegations and public prosecutor’s investigations. The 1976 bronze medalist had come under pressure because of its double function as a volunteer association president and paid managing director of a DEB subsidiary and a possible conflict of interest.

Reindl about the balance sheet: “are good there”

“We took over and consolidated the association as a renovation case,” said Reindl, who after eight years as President at the general meeting on Saturday (10:00 a.m.) in Munich no longer competed: “We are in sports, organizational and economically good. It is there. There are two or three who see it differently. You have to live with that. “

One of them is Hendrik Ansink, President of the Hessian State Hockey Association, who had filed a complaint in February for infidelity. Reindl, on the other hand, sees himself relieved by the opinion of the Cologne law firm Verte, which the Deb commissioned. He “always worked in accordance with the right and value for the DEB”.

Olympic silver as “madness par excellence”

Reindl’s second career started after his career as a 181-painted national player and three-time German champion in 1991, when he started at the debut as an assistant to the technical director Fritz Brechenmacher. A year later, he became sports director, later general secretary, even national coach for a few months, in 2014 President. He organized the home world championships 2001, 2010 and 2017, and has been doing various offices in the World Association IIHF for 24 years. The world record game in 2010 on Schalke in front of 78,000 spectators and Olympic silver 2018 – for Reindl “The Madness par excellence” was particularly remembered as highlights.

He did a big job for many years and gave German ice hockey a lot.

Peter Merten, presidential candidate

“He did a big job for many years and gave the German ice hockey a lot. He lived for it,” said his designated successor Peter Merten: “Without him, we won’t be where we are now.” As President, Reindl not only consolidated the association economically, but also brought together with the Profiliga del, and also significantly expanded the youth work.

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Merten, Niederberger and Hasselbring candidate

“This footsteps cannot fill out alone,” said Merten. The long-time DEL2 supervisory board is therefore to choose from with a team for the presidium: Ex-international Andreas Niederberger is intended for the sporting field, Hauke Hasselbring, Managing Director of the DEL club Fischtown Pinguins from Bremerhaven. There are no opposite candidates. The first task according to Merten: “We want to take a balancing position to pacify the field” after “too little talk” was recently talked about.

The association management should be restructured as quickly as possible. “The Presidium is intended to become a supervisory board that has more strategic, representative and controlling functions,” explains Merten. Sports director and general secretary should then form the board, which “is responsible for the operational business with clearly distributed responsibilities”. So that conflicts can no longer occur as easily in the future.

Despite the unsightly end, Reindl says goodbye: “You have to make your decisions to the best of our knowledge and belief. A lot was right.”

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