Tumor surgery: end of the season for Union Baumgartl

The 1st FC Union must also do without the services of the central defender in the last game, in which a tumor in the testicle had been discovered in the context of a check -up. This has been successfully removed, and there will be further preventive aftertreatments in the next few weeks. It is clear, however, that Baumgartl will no longer appear for the Fischer team during the current season.

Most recently, he was deployed against RB Leipzig in the 1-2 in the cup semi -final. In the league, he had to serve a yellow lock after the 30th matchday before an infection forced him to suspend. In his first year at the old forester’s shop, the former Stuttgart and Eindhoven player played 25 Bundesliga games, five cup games and five games in the Europa Conference League (including qualification) for Union.

Fortunately, I’ve been going to preventive care for several years. I am very grateful for the quick, clear diagnosis and for the well -run operation.

Timo Baumgartl

“Fortunately, I have been going to prevent for several years. I am very grateful for the quick, clear diagnosis and for the well -run operation.. I will never forget that. My focus is now on the fastest possible recovery, “said Baumgartl in a communication of the iron.

“We will support Timo in the best possible way. Our excellent network of absolute top physicians is still available for this. We are very grateful for this and therefore also confident that Timo will be completely recovered again,” said Union manager Oliver Ruhnert.

Glomus Tumor Removal

08. May 202206: 15 minutes

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