Apex Legends Mobile Release Date May 17, 2022

It’s no secret that publishers are increasingly trying to bring their licenses to mobile platforms to reach prominent players. A few months ago, Electronic Arts’s turn for Battle Royale Apex Legends to be coming to iOS and Android soon. A port of the game, developed by Respawn Entertainment, will be available starting May 17.

The developer and creator of the Titanfall series will unveil the first season of Apex Legends Mobile on the same day. Indeed, as previously announced, the team will be incorporating elements unique to this release, whether in maps, game modes, events, or playable heroes.

Players can now register to join battles from the first minute. Registration is possible on Android or iOS. Note that there are nearly 14 million subscribers when writing these lines, and the developers offer other surprises depending on how high the official release reaches. Those with access to the Apex Legends Mobile beta will have to say goodbye to what they’ve harvested over the past few weeks. However, they will get a 25% credit boost for a limited time. Regardless, we hope this mobile version is much better than the Nintendo Switch port.

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