Verl-coach Kniat: I was always convinced of it

“I’m so relieved!”, It bubbled out of Raimund Bertels. The SC Verl Board of Sport at the “Magenta Sport” microphone no longer came out of praise: “I am happy for everyone else: the staff, the coach, the fans. Everyone has given everything in the past few weeks.”

The last few weeks had indeed been crucial for Verl: On matchday 34, the SC was still on a relegation zone and four points behind the saving bank. Three victories in a row followed and now a 1-1 draw against MSV Duisburg – the relegation could be secured.

KNIAT: “If you believe in the team, then you are relatively relaxed”

“We risked and invested a lot,” said Bertels. He spoke of moving to the Paderborn stadium, the commitment of the new trainer, “who brought the mentality back”. So a lot risks and invests – “and now, at the end of the season, everything was done correctly”.

Michel Kniat, who has been in the head coach since February, joined Bertels’s praise hymns: “I am pleased that the team has rewarded itself.” In view of the relegation battle until the last day of the match, the coach gave itself easy: “If you believe in the team what I do, then you are relatively relaxed. I was always convinced that we finally put the thing in our direction. “

As for the planning of the next few days, the trainer should have delighted his players: “We stop immediately,” said Kniat. “The boys, I think, want to fly to Mallorca and they have more than earned.”

Bertels: “For me, this is equivalent to me or even worth a little more than the ascent”

PK | Vorstellung von Cheftrainer Michél Kniat | Sportclub Verl

Lukas Petkov did not yet want to deal with vacation trips. “I only concentrated on the game. I didn’t care what is after that,” said the offensive player. “We had such a difficult season with a change of coaches. We are a young troop that had to deal with it. If you look at the last ten games from us, we have more than earned it.”

Similarly, Ron Berlinski ordered the now playing time. The goal scorer for 1-1 compensation spoke of an “absolute team performance throughout the season. The happiness was not always on our side.” But ultimately it was enough for the relegation, which according to Bertels has a high priority: “For me, this is equivalent to me or even worth a little more than the climb.”

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