Before the top game: Wormatia Worms and Eintracht Trier Siegen

The weekend in the race for first place has been a reflection of the past few weeks: Both Wormatia Worms and Eintracht Trier celebrated victories, but the Wormsers are currently doing a little more sovereignty. Everything is still unimpressed by this, Trier’s four-point deficit is relativized by the fact that the former second division is allowed to play a game more.

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After four wins in a row, Saturday for Wormatia Worms started suboptimal: Sören rattens a cross in the mesh at the long post. Engers, who had crazy the current league leader in the first leg, turned out to be an uncomfortable opponent that the busy rattling could have added 2-0 promptly.

But in the 35th minute the goal fell on the other side: When a FVE player had misjudged a flat pass, the Joachims used, pulled into the penalty area with speed and shot down. In added time of the first half, Biedermann even put his Wormatia in the lead. A second ball after a corner ball landed on the long post while scoring.

In the second phase of the game, Worms took command more and more, but Engers keeper Husic was a strong support. In the 69th minute, however, he was powerless when Kasper started a placed header in the penalty area center and was therefore successful. Around a quarter of an hour later, the goal scorer made a name for himself in a different way: after getting hard near the Engers-Bank, he saw red (82nd). Nothing changed at the end of the game, Wormatia can go into the top game at Eintracht Trier next Saturday with confidence.

Trier often bites

Eintracht Trier was challenged at FV 07 Diefflen on Sunday. When the domestic underdog dared to go forward in the 4th minute, SV Eintracht countered, King fit Heinz, but whose shot was a little thin. Otherwise, Diefflen’s defensive showed the triers many limits. In the 51st minute, FVD keeper Migliara saved with a good parade against king, shortly afterwards the latte saved for Diefflen.

Eintracht knew that she absolutely had to win this game in order to be able to intercept the Wormatia victorious on Saturday in the further course of the season. Thus, the Cinar team now invested more in their game. That paid off, Debrah gave the ball from the baseline in the middle of the 74th minute, where Brandscheid pressed the leather between the posts. The FVD didn’t know a suitable answer, König still had the huge chance of 2-0, but the strong Migliara pulled his tooth after a quick counterattack. The threesome went to the Porta Nigra.

Arminia Ludwigshafen finally says goodbye out of the race for the regional league. There are still mathematical residual opportunities, but the 3: 3 at FC Blau Weiss Karbach should be too little for large promotion. Ludwigshafen led three times, but Karbach came back three times on Saturday.

On the other hand, FC Hertha Wiesbach (2-0 at Alemannia Waldalgesheim) and FV 1920 Dudenhofen (2-1 against SV Gonsenheim) brought their tours to the finish line. The TuS Koblenz, however, suffered a shipwreck on Sunday, lost 0: 3 at home against TuS Mechtersheim.

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