The Süle case: This is how Nagelsmann damages himself

It is a highly remarkable, actually outrageous process, which has happened at FC Bayern in the preparation of the last game of the season. Then Julian Nagelsmann, the coach, Niklas Süle, asked the player, whether he wanted to travel to Wolfsburg to the last game after Marcel Sabitzer injured and failed. Because now suddenly there was a place in the squad for the encounter at VfL.

This exchange was preceded by a conversation between Nagelsmann and Süle on Wednesday. The coach had told the defender that he would prefer to assign the positions for the league final to young players. Süle replied that he had imagined his farewell to FC Bayern after five years, but agreed.

The defender “was no longer so much of his mind in the final training,” said Nagelsmann. These words should be freely translated: Süle had – with a lot of benevolence you can even understand this human reaction – no more desire to practice together before the season finale, in which he was no longer assigned an active mission anyway. The coach broke off his execution at this point and gave Süle’s honest answer to the actual question: “‘Rather not’ because he hadn’t prepared for it now.” The chief coach then allowed the professional to stay at home.

How many employees, even if they have already planned free days or a free weekend, suddenly have to reschedule because a sick colleague has to be replaced or the personnel situation demands this willingness from now on? You will receive a much less remuneration than the approximately eight million euros that the football professional Süle receives a year. And the employer FC Bayern will certainly pay this salary to his employed Süle until his employment contract ends on June 30, 2022 and then wandered to Borussia Dortmund.

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