Werder Bremen: injured in a bodge storm

The storm in the Weser Stadium after the Bundesliga return of Werder Bremen led to 20 injuries.

“Some had to be taken to a hospital for further treatment,” wrote the Bremen police on Sunday evening on Twitter. The further investigation continues, it continued.

Abpfiff und Platzsturm Werder Bremen Aufstieg 2022 nach dem Sieg gegen SSV Jahn Live Weserstadion
Werder was on the last matchday of the 2nd Bundesliga with a 2-0 (1-0) against Jahn Regensburg, the fans had celebrated the first division return in the lower house after a year, and the city continued in the evening; Not always peaceful, as the police confirmed. “Increasingly” “physical argument was reported”.

There should be no further celebrations on Monday in Bremen, the club said. “Together with the city of Bremen, for reasons of security, reason and short -term, we decided to shift the celebrations to the immediate vicinity of the Weser Stadium and to commit the end of the season here,” wrote Werder on Twitter

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