Genshin Impact announces its first three Funko Pop Figures

The Genshin Impact universe continues to expand, showing that it is a game that has already transcended our society. Not only because of the millions of players at the expense of novelties every day but also because content designed for collectors is recreated. And it could be said that when a product receives Funko Pop figures, it is because it has fulfilled a kind of goal, demonstrating its importance. Now, the HoyoVerse grows with the first three models of these big-headed figures inspired by the popular gacha.

Genshin Impact Joins the Funko Pop Phenomenon
From the official account of the game, the arrival of the first three Funko Pop figures based on the characters of Genshin Impact, one of the sensations of recent months, has been announced. Specifically, they will be those of Ether, Lumina, and Paimon.

As indicated, they can already be located on the official Funko website, and specifically, the figures of Ether and Lumina, the two Travelers, will be available soon. It seems that for Paimon, we will have to wait a little longer. There is no arrival date, but the page does allow us to receive a notification when they are available for purchase. In the tweet below, you can see their design.

The thing does not end there since they promise that there will be new Funko figures based on the Genshin Impact characters to come. Although, yes, they do not give names, in the image, they give clues, and it seems that Diluc, Keqing, and a Hilichurl will be the next to come. We will have to be patient to know when they will be available, but it is an interesting fact if you consider making the complete collection.

For its part, among the latest game news, we find that update 2.7 will be available on May 31, including more information about the Genshin Impact universe that, as we see, continues to expand.

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