Cup final: Christian Günter explains the problem in the majority

In 2011 he won the A-Junior Cup alongside Christian Streich, and it was not enough for Christian Günter on Saturday. “It just hurts,” said the left-back afterwards in the “Sky” interview. Especially because the SC captain initiated the Freiburg defeat with his false shot in the penalty shootout. “There are a lot of thoughts through your head, sometimes you don’t even know what you pretend at that moment. We would have deserved it.”

And by that he didn’t just mean the team. “When you looked into the curve, it was incredible what the fans torn down,” continued Günter. “They deserved it because they were the better ones today too.”

after “dirty elf”: Freiburg captain hopes for “two, three beer”

On the square, he had also seen his long -overpowering team with advantages – but also saw criticism of the SC’s game after the dismissal against RB defender Marcel Halstenberg. “We no longer wanted to play into the dangerous rooms because we knew that Leipzig was lurking on the switching game,” he said. “Then we’ll get a shit goal, that was extremely unfortunate.”

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Nevertheless, Günter believed that “we should have decided in the 120 minutes. We still had the chance afterwards, but we should have played it clearer. If you have something to lose, you don’t want to go through your head, you don’t want to Go to the last risk. That was the mistake afterwards. ” In the extension alone, the Freiburg met three times aluminum.

Ultimately, the captain blamed for the final defeat but also on his shoulders. “I can’t say that much because I missed the dirt elf and that’s why we lost. Of course that hurts.”

And will probably hurt some time for the veteran, who could have led his home club as the captain to the first big title. “It will still be difficult tonight,” predicts Günter himself. “I hope that after two or three beers I can somehow forget that.”

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