Lewandowski consultant counters Salihamidzic: Bavaria is history for Robert

FC Bayern: Aussagen von Salihamidzic und Lewandowski widersprechen sich | Lage der Liga
“He has a consultant who twists his head who has twisted his head all year round. And that’s just not clean,” said Salihamidzic on Sunday in the “Sport1 double Pass” about Lewandowski and Pini Zahavi. In addition, the Bayern sports director contradicted the reports that the attacker from the FCB is not said to have received a specific offer: “It is very clear that he got an offer with the term and the sum.”

The response from the opposite side was not long in coming and so Lewandowski’s advisor switched on. “Of course you can keep Robert for another year, fairly he has a contract until 2023, but I would not recommend that. For Robert Lewandowski, FC Bayern is history,” said Zahavi the “Bild”. In addition, the 78-year-old denied a contract offer for his protégé.

At Lewandowski, too, more and more could be read that he would like to do something new this summer. His advisor now confirmed that. “He has not felt respected by those responsible for months, that is the truth. FC Bayern has not lost the player Lewandowski, but the people Robert,” said Zahavi. The background should be that Bayern around Dortmund striker Erling Haaland are said to have tried. The Norwegian is now switching to Manchester City.

Bayern do not want to hand in Lewandowski

The poker around the Poles continues. He is currently associated with a change to FC Barcelona. However, those responsible for Bayern will not tire of emphasizing that Lewandowski will fulfill his contract on Säbener Strasse by June 2023. In addition to Salihamidzic, this had recently emphasized Board of Management Oliver Kahn. It is definitely clear: an interesting summer transfer period is waiting for Bayern.

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