RB celebrates aggressively: we are indispensable!

At around 2 p.m., the team bus of the new DFB Cup winner drove on Sunday at the old town hall in downtown Leipzig. On the way from Berlin, where the professionals of RB Leipzig had won the first title in the 13-year history of the association with winning the DFB Cup, according to Managing Director Oliver Mintzlaff, they had briefly at a burger Restaurant stopped before they spared the approximately 5000 followers on the market square for the first time. Mintzlaff himself had recently sent a snappy message to the critics when he was introduced to the celebrations when he had called the fans from the party truck: “Whoever has never understood that we are an enrichment for football Germany we don’t want to help anymore. “

Anyone who still hasn’t understood that we are an enrichment for soccer Germany, we don’t want to help.

Oliver Mintzlaff

Before the tired, but still enthusiastic heroes made the official part of the town hall visit – the entry in the Golden Book – Mintzlaff had another message in the ballroom in his short speech. “People want to see RB Leipzig, I always said it. Dear media representatives, we are no longer an integral part of the Bundesliga, we stay there – and you will experience much more of us in the future.” Leipzig’s mayor Burkhard Jung was less aggressive than the RB managing director, but the head of the city also praised RB over the dimensions: “No matter what they always say about the club: this is a success story for the city.” The cup victory is important for the self-confidence of people in Leipzig, according to the SPD politician, that is “an incredibly important message”. Willi Orban also hit the same notch. “It’s just cool, you can see people are thrilled. The club is good. The first title is special, especially for the city.”

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50,000 Leipzig in a party mood

The citizens of the same and the RB supporters could not be asked and celebrated their heroes. According to estimates, a total of around 50,000 people were traveling in the city. The team, which had shown itself on the town hall balcony after the entry in the Golden Book of the city, covered the 3.5 km long path from the market square in the city center to the festival meadow at the Red Bull Arena in open party truck, who needed a good one and a half hours for the route. On the festival meadow, coach Domenico Tedesco and his players were welcomed by around 35,000 followers and celebrated on the specially built stage. “It is incredible to see so many happy people who celebrate this great success with us,” said Mintzlaff as part of the party on the festival, “I think everyone goes home happy and say: Leipzig is ready for title.”

For the team, the celebrations are far from over. On Sunday evening went from Leipzig/Halle Airport of the plane, which will bring the players to Ibiza. The first big title for RB is to be celebrated for three days. Kevin Kampl in the Sport1 double pass on Sunday morning by telephone switch from the team bus. “Then there is total escalation for three days,” said the midfielder. After all, a first title wants to be appropriately committed.

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