Clash Royale Important Changes to the Trunk and adjustments to the most powerful cards on June Patch

Clash Royale Season 36 will kick off in June, and Supercell surprised everyone this weekend by revealing ahead of time the wave of nerfs and buffs that is about to hit their game. Get feedback from the pros and the community to fine-tune characters before the final update rollout.

Thus, the Finnish developer has revealed the units it had insight into for June. And if any nerfs or buffs are likely to be reworked, the changes below will likely be heavily applied soon!


The log
The distance enemies are pushed back is reduced by 50%

Royal ghost
The time required to become invisible again is increased by 13%

Skeleton king
The maximum number of reanimated skeletons was reduced by 2 (18 from 20)

Goblin digger
-25% movement speed

+8% attack speed

Includes all kinds of barbarians

Mother witch
+22% attack speed

Night witch
+15% attack speed

Electric giant
+9% health

Barbarian barrel
Reduced barrel travel distance (4.5 out of 5)

The community has already addressed several criticisms of this draft patch. The nerf to The Trunk particularly caught the attention of players. The latter believe that it is too brutal a nerf. And you, what card modification has surprised you the most?

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