Nexon Games first work Hit 2… Net Games Undefeated Records

[Fighter Mobile Park Ye -jin reporter] Nexon predicted the launch of the anticipated hit ‘Hit 2’. It is noteworthy that Nexon, who has successfully settled ‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’, will continue its momentum as the sequel to the first mobile hit ‘Hit’.

According to the game industry on the 23rd, Nexon (CEO Lee Jung -heon) is planning to start the Hit 2 domestic service as a PC and mobile multi -platform in the second half of the year through its subsidiary Nexon Games (CEO Park Yong -hyun).

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Hit 2 is a large -scale multi -contact role -playing game (MMORPG) that inherits ‘Hit’, a mobile action role performance game (RPG) launched in Korea in November 2015. After the hit, the worldview is set in the background and shows the action using the original character. The user plays a large -scale battle in the process of competing and occupying sex with other territory, depending on the growing story to become a king.

The previous hit is the highest performance in Nexon’s mobile games and is regarded as a game that laid the foundation of the mobile lineup. Through the hit, Nexon first recorded the first place in both domestic open market sales, and was honored with the Grand Prize in the 2016 Korean Game Awards. Since then, Nexon has set up in the mobile game market with ‘V4’, ‘Wind Country: Yeon’ and ‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’.

The hit has gained great popularity with the hack and slashing battles and high -quality 3D graphics that hurt enemies. Nexon acquired the stake of Net Games, which had a hit with a hit, secured the status of the second largest shareholder, and in 2018, it secured an additional 30%stake and incorporated it as a connection subsidiary.

However, since the genre of large -scale multi -entertained roles (MMORPG) gained in mobile, and the action RPG was over, the popularity of the hit was faded together, and eventually ended the service in 2019.

Hit 2 is a game that is reborn as a MMORPG multi -platform with the popularity and fan base. In addition, the expectation of Nexon is high as it is expected to be the first game since the launch of Nexon Games, which has more than 800 developed personnel and is regarded as the pinnacle of the Nexon development organization. Nexon Games’ telegraph Net Games has been successful, starting with ‘Hit’ in 2015, ‘Overheat’, ‘V4’, and ‘Blue Archive’, which was recently released as a subculture genre.

Nexon plans to start a pre -registration event in June by holding a hit 2 teaser site on the 19th. Park Young -sik, who oversees the development of the hit 2, said, “We are paying attention to providing a completely new experience in the MMO environment while reproducing the original sensitivity.” “I’ll.”

Meanwhile, Nexon Games is also developing lineups such as ‘Project D’, ‘Project Magnum’ and ‘Zeus Project’ to be introduced after the hit 2, and the third -person PC shooting game project D is scheduled for the steam beta test in June.

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