The Ultra Entes are ready to cross the Pokémon GO Rift and reach your mobile

Pokémon GO suffers from dimensional disturbances creating gaps that lead to other realities where you encounter strange creatures. They’re called Ultra Entes, and they may be coming soon.

Pokémon GO will soon arrive in time for its biggest annual event, Pokémon GO Fest, but in the meantime, we’ve discovered some disturbances in the air that could see new species arriving in Niantic’s game soon.

Pokémon GO opens new dimensions.
If you are not familiar with the seventh generation of Pokémon, you should know that this one allowed us to discover creatures from other dimensions. You will tell us that Giratina was already there in Pokémon Platinum with the Warp world. It was not at the level of what we are offered in the Alola region.

A multitude of other dimensions is added in the Pokémon universe that allows, through Ultra-Breaches, unknown monsters to arrive. Ultra-Entities creatures will soon break through the dimensional wall and appear in our games.

Pokémon GO Ultra Beasts: Who are they?
If you paid attention to the brief trailer that Niantic offers, you would have noticed the presence of a Pokémon or, rather, one of the Ultra-Entities. There are 11, and we can suspect that their arrivals at Pokémon do not happen all at once. At the moment, we only have confirmation from Nihilego.

Maybe others will join in the future, but we don’t have any more information about it. Will they come with a new raid type? Will they be available to capture? We will have answered these questions when Niantic communicates more on this topic in the coming days or weeks.

For those interested, here is information on each of the Ultra-Chimeras.
Nihilego is also called UE-01 Parasite and is a dual-type Rock / Poison.
Buzzwole is also called UE-02 Expansion and has the Bug / Fight dual-type.
Pheromosa is also called UE-02 Elegance and has the Bug / Fight dual-type.
Xurkitree is also called UE-03 Radiance and is an Electric-type.
Celesteela is also called UE-04 Rocket and has the Steel / Flying dual-type.
Kartana is also called UE-04 Slash and has the Grass / Steel dual-type.
Guzzlord is also called UE-05 Voracity and has the dual-type Dark / Dragon.
Poipole is also called UE-Glu and has the Poison type.
Naganadel is also called UE-Stinger and has the Dragon / Poison dual-type.
Stakataka is also called UE-Blocks and has the Stone / Steel dual-type.
Blacephalon is also called UE-Explosive and has the Fire / Ghost dual-type.

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