Undsetted business: Edebali remains to play football in Hamburg

Kasim Edebali is retained by the Hamburg Sea Devils from the European League of Football (Fairy).
The 32-year-old celebrity of the team expanded the agreement at the club from his hometown.

The protective end had actually returned from the United States to Hamburg from the eleven in the previous year.

There are unanswered stores, claimed Eilebali, who narrowly failed at Frankfurt Galaxy at the end of September with the Sea Devils in the final (30:32).
I think no one in the whole company needs additional inspiration if you keep in mind the feeling that we removed from the square in 2015.
Eilebali when made it through Boston College in the NFL team of the New Orleans Saints in 2014, followed by engagements in the Broncos, Lions, Rams, once again Saints, Bears, Bengals, Eagles and also Raiders.
In total, Eilebali ran 62 times in the US account.

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