Albion Online Has Got A New Expansion With Much-anticipated News

Intro the Fray is here. The latest expansion pack for Albion Online has just checked into the server.

It’s not the most significant expansion in the game’s history, but it’s about size. Into the Fray introduces some highly anticipated changes to Albion, which will significantly increase the gameplay.

I mean, first of all, a total rework of Magic Staffs and – most importantly – the Travel Back feature, which will significantly shorten travel times between locations.

All changes:
Rework of all Staff in the game
New Arena mode, with the rules of the Crystal League
Crystal League without the possibility of death
Improved Castles and Castle Outposts (new visual effects and layouts, changed chests and timers)
New Portal Cities
New daily events
New Activity Interface
Victory Emotes
Training Mannequins
Tomioka Zbierackie
Traveling back (help to reduce travel time)
Albion Online is free, famous (~ 200,000 active players per day), and available in Polish. It is also one of the best MMORPGs on the market today.

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