Interview with Kahn: In 1999 I saved as a success

Mr. Kahn, which international top striker has probably kept in mind: the Brazilian Ronaldo or Filippo Inzaghi?

The meeting for the special concern of the twist on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Champions League comes to be a journey with time back right into a previous filled with incredible experiences: the loss versus Manchester United 1999 in interruption time, the champion title 2001 in Hamburg at the last 2nd Resolved so that the Champions League was won four days later. Oliver Kahn (52) maintains drinking his head, laughs at: Madness! What an intensive time.

Inzaghi as well as Weah. Both often fulfilled against me.

From George Weah they needed to approve their very first objective in the Champions League, on September 14, 1994 in Paris…

I can still remember well. We likewise had an unbelievably bad document versus Paris…

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Versus Milan we nearly never had an opportunity in this stage, Pippo Inzaghi was not visible and after that met. Because we played against Real Madrid extremely commonly, I also delivered a lot of battles with Raul. That was a really, very unique competition. We appreciated really much.

… 4 defeats, 2 victories.

Twist special concern: 30 years of Champions League.

Ronaldo racked up both goals against them in the 2002 Globe Mug final. How usually did Inzaghi struck her?

4 times?

one more time, 5 times. Between 1994 and 2008 they completed 103 video games in the premier class in eleven periods, and like five various other caretakers belong to the 100 club. Are you satisfied with this equilibrium?

The Spaniard Iker Casillas leads this checklist with 177 goals, Manuel Neuer adheres to 128 games up until now, the Italian Gianluigi Buffon remains in 3rd place with 124 Who were the specifying goalkeepers in three years of Champions League?

Of program, Peter Schmeichel was developmental at Manchester United. Edwin van der Sar was a big one.

I am very pleased with it, yet I would certainly have liked to win the Champions League once more. Actually I won her as soon as again, in 1999 I still saved as a Champions League winner. I just omit for the last two minutes (laughs).

What was it?

Has a social relationship established into one of these leading keepers? Yes, too flattery. We when had the exact same advertising partner, for whom we were shooting spots and also as a result typically satisfied. Peter is a wonderful person.

… Barthez was phenomenal, a vibrant bird. Schmeichel was the goalkeeper of my generation, which I based upon, physically solid, incredibly existing. It was this goalkeeper generation, a little older than me that I had as a version.

in April 2001, prior to the 1-0 success of the FCB in the quarter-finals in Old Trafford, shot Barthez on the objective, took flanks volley. They just drank their heads?…

Van der Sar was the very best football. Even after that, he noticed that he comprehended the video game differently from behind and also was great on the sphere. He has set the starts of today’s goalkeeper game, which others and also specifically Manuel Neuer proceeded. Van der Sar was the leader. Buffon made an unique personality. All of these goalkeepers had the total plan. Fabien Barthez was a little bit of the favorably insane guy, on the line exceptional with great reflexes. He additionally did unconventional points that constantly went well.

luck as well as rotten luck in the last

Figo, Zidane, Ronaldo: That was outstanding.

Oliver Kahn.

There were 2 victories versus Manunited, 4 draws and one defeat in the 1999 final. Were Genuine as well as Manunited the best rivals? .

In which stadium did you have most fun? .

I can just concur. Anyone that experienced this… How Uli Hoeneß was on the massage therapy financial institution in the cabin later on, these images are still in my head. Or this sound behind me at the 2nd goal! 30,000 Manchester fans, whatever is unthinkable.

I was prepared, completely vacant.

Oliver Kahn.

… simply rotten luck as well as joy.

Nevertheless, there were 7 victories, a draw and also just 4 beats with them in the goal?… .

Every player knows two things. When I’m a top player, I can choose a game. Second, if I have a leading team, I can win versus every challenger.

That is the psychology behind it. The various other is the high quality. There is a Robert Lewandowski who snaps the sphere; Back then we had Giovane Elber or Stefan Effenberg, who had the ability to determine everything for us with great actions.

… yes, we had an extremely balance against Actual.

Your Response? .

It’s a game. Clear, the highest possible skill is the prerequisite, however: game joy is additionally crucial.

I would certainly have enjoyed to do without this because I recognize a great deal about the subject of victories and beats today from a mental factor of sight. You just learn exactly how to win something. If a defeat fulfills you, you will certainly live in everyone-there is no option yet to live with it.

Scholl satisfied the article, Jancer the crossbar?… .

Large groups typically shoot decisive goals at the end since they think that they are able to do so and because they likewise think the opponents? .

All hands go up promptly when I ask at events who can still keep in mind 1999. I believe individuals can bear in mind that greater than in 2001. This last is absolutely saved at Bayern fans, probably simply like the last Dahoam.

1999/2200 Bayern won three times versus Genuine, 4: 2, 4: 1 in the intermediate round, in the semi-finals 2: 1 after 0: 2, K.-O.! Are you hopeless concerning the football world? .

It was the same in 2012, such a defeat is an incredible vehicle driver. Since it is so unpleasant and you definitely desire to win this title, you play much above your level in the complying with one or 2 years to get this title.

Back then I asked Peter what duty in the 1999 final played good luck and also bad luck. This is additionally preferred in today’s football: What does it involve luck?

That were the biggest players of their energetic time? .

Which of your 2 end video games enters your mind today, that from 1999 or the 2001? .

was all of this still a fruitful experience? .

Absolutely, yes.

These debates ensure that the players think eventually what is being negotiated? .

In the 1999 last, he was decisively entailed in 2 objectives. He needs to have quit Basler’s cost-free kick, he showed up 1-1 at the five-meter area and also was active airborne fighting that ultimately led with detours to the objective with Teddy Sheringham.

Instructor Ottmar Hitzfeld claims that 1999 was one of the most brutal loss of his career. Yours? .

In their 103 video games they conceded 102 objectives, 33 times none, so they played as well no in practically every 3rd video game. Did you do an excellent work? .

The Galactic of Genuine were massive. I stood in the objective as well as saw what was taking place when they got on the ball and also asked me: Just how do you want to win below? That was amazing, but we didn’t have too much regard. We fought back. There got on the opposite of Luis Figo, Zinedine Zidane, Brazilian Ronaldo, David Beckham, Raul, Roberto Carlos. This team was outstanding.

My protection and I did a great work with each other.

In Old Trafford, in the Bernabeu in Madrid, at Camp Nou in Barcelona. I was exceptionally reluctant to play in Milan, simply against Milan because we didn’t tore anything. However that’s just how the irony of football is: We won one of the most vital video game in Meazza, versus Valencia, the 2001 last.

** In which images are these 102 secs with the two goals conceded in 1999?

Michael Tarnat and also Oliver Kahn can not stop the winning objective of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

I can’t picture. You need to handle the existing generation differently. What Franz did at the time was ideal, yet it would probably no more work today.

The capability to do points.

Are you a lot more Champions League winner, three-time globe goalkeeper or World Cup second 2002? .

( laughs)… I can’t keep in mind…

I was particularly born in mind by this second goal, this edge kick, the expansion by head, as Michael Tarnat bases on the blog post and hereafter objective whatever was sunken as in 2001 in the last game in Hamburg when we obtained it 0: 1 and not Much more entirely. We internalized it: we still have an exceptionally important 4 mins…

Yes, Zidane was exceptional in my time, Lionel Messi and also Cristiano Ronaldo were in the previous ten or twelve years, Diego Maradona and also Lothar Matthäus.

If you end up being a German champ, it is indescribable. And also with this penalty shootout I was as if there was just one thought: I need to win this video game right here! The fine shootout is a game in the video game. At the last penalty Pellegrinos I really did not know that it was the decisive element. I only concentrated as well as spoke to myself: Regardless of what takes place, I have to hold every ball! Then I hold this 911, look briefly to the center, as well as after that the gamers escape. Only then did I recognize that we had actually won. You can picture the world I was in.

In your Champions League invoicing, the title, twice the final involvement, is twice the end in half, 4 times in a quarter and twice in the round of 16 and when in the initial round. Do you like this overall rating? .

For me, victorious ability implies to make the last, to win the German champion at the essential minute. They likewise try to win every video game. In contrast, FC Bayern additionally has the ability to win the title.

Her main goal was to ward off spheres that the human eye can no much longer see. What protection campaign was your most amazing? .

What was the Bavarian generation at the time? We were likewise top experts, sure; However today’s generation is already much better trained in the task and also is further, better. Every little thing needs to be connected to the particular time. We must stop contrasting over generations!

Is it more financially attractive? .

… recently. .

Yes, if you desire to state it so noticeably. It was one of the video games that are most remembered by me.

The final 2020, the 1-0 success versus Paris, experienced them as a board in the stands. Would certainly you rather have experienced the 90 mins in the goalkeeper jersey? .

… one is a gamer, the other is accountable, where I have to preserve the review. If my photo is frequently colored by feelings, my understanding might be misshaped. The adrenaline influences the unbiased appearance. But that doesn’t suggest that I do not go within in the stands.

Did you get around this spontaneous minute of joy? .

That’s the means it is.

2024 a brand-new model begins with 36 groups that play in a league. Exactly how do you discover this reform? .

You were a master of the affirmation of battle. .

( thinking about, moaning) I would certainly have liked to play in the Champions League, yet it was an additional football globe at the time. If Bavaria would not certify, picture today! There would certainly be something going on.

They show up in the stands and are meant. Are you a client viewer? .

Of training course there is an extra kick. Also the table. Additionally, there is the opportunity from the beginning on amazing games between top teams.

Every item requires an overhaul.

Oliver Kahn to the Champions League reform.

Just how do you see the next 10 years of the Champions League? Is it already the European Super League or will it be? .

That’s the method it is.

It’s great as it is.

… after that a cross came right into the five, I run alongside the round from the post to the goalkeeper, a rangers player shoots against my instructions, I somehow pull my appropriate hand up and route the sphere with the fingertip. That was the best sensation for me. You assume that the entire instructor store is worth it.

ceremonies, games and also objectives: Kahn’s memories.

Whatever belongs to the profession.

They had to endure their last period in the UEFA Cup. Was it chaos in the quarterfinals in Getafe with Ribery’s 1-1 equalization in the 89th min and Luca Tonis 3: 2 and also 3: 3 in the 115th as well as 120th minute? .

Every product needs an overhaul when. On the present style, I am bothered by the fact that the group stage is normally determined relatively very early and also by the very same clubs. A more growth with a table and also a league is interesting. I can not anticipate whether the brand-new design of wisdom is the last conclusion. It needs to be full of life first.

Was the title possible just as a result of 1999? .

Was the last charge in Milan the most extreme minute of life, the feeling of happiness the same level quality? Or the 1: 1 equalization in Hamburg? .

In the semi-finals in Saint Petersburg complied with after a hearty 0: 4. Why did you approve this global farewell so relatively steadly? .

… we also bet Kaiserslautern…

… if they had caught Zidane, they would have crushed it via in the middle. What an activity! .

in March 2004, at the 0-1 defeat in Madrid, you unloaded a tackle over 10 to 15 meters versus Zidane… .

How do you rate this three decades as a protagonist of the Champions League? .

At the time, we got the maximum internationally.

that Sepp Maier pounded countless balls on their body from 1 or 2 meters. .

So the Bundesliga remains in its type? .


… at 1-0 in November 1999… .

( make fun of)… I remember…

The primary difference is: the as soon as defensive phenomenon, shaped by Milan with Franco Baresi in the defense facility so highly, was replaced by offending football. And also the goalkeepers have ended up being increasingly more an eleventh area player.

… it was the result from 1999: not currently again! Let’s use these 4 minutes!

Did you specifically plan for the Champions League games? .

Is the inquisitiveness regarding this new mode a new kick? .

In case of an instance, the current FCB generation likewise has to be afraid a Beckenbauer look of the chief executive officer Oliver Kahn? .

Rummenigge was taken into consideration the difficult viewer. Uli Hoeneß states: Bavaria was at the rear of Bavaria, Rummenigge wanted to sell all players; If there was another win, he intended to prolong all the contracts. .

At Beckham you recognized that he would fire over the wall with a whole lot of cut. If you had actually taken the step towards Tormidt, you could not obtain the round anymore. As soon as he fired the round around the wall surface with the exterior of the wall surface with felt 600 km/h.

What changes are the most outright in the Champions League in these three decades? .

After 20 years I was happy that it was over. It was the appropriate time for me as much as I appreciated being able to experience all these large video games.

Was the vow speech Franz Beckenbauers in Lyon on March 6, 2001 the decisive drive? .

… Continue! Maintain! Did you call this currently winged word?… .

What was the Bavarian generation at the time? .

I still bear in mind Zidane’s objective.

Naturally that harmed. The UEFA Cup is not the cup with which Bavaria determines itself. You need to state that truthfully and straight. Obviously we would have suched as to obtain him.

between objectivity and also emotions.

was it still a wonderful life? .

… quarter-finals, March 1999, in the house 2-0, after that 4: 0… .

Is it legitimate to pick world footballers? .

There are video games, I’m very emotional. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge when stated to me with a laugh: if you are accountable, it is something else.

It must have protested the Glasgow Rangers in the Olympic Stadium…

Oliver Kahn holds the definitive fine in the Champions League Finale in 2001. Imago sporting activities photo solution.

So it was truly (laughs). I attempt not to be too emotional, due to the fact that otherwise you take a look at the video game less rationally…

It is excellent that we have 5 agents in 2022/23. Projections are difficult. Why should not the Bundesliga have 2 clubs in the final like 2013 again? In the Europa League, Frankfurt broke with the Spanish Phalanx with a great deal of feeling. The Bundesliga comes directly behind the Premier League next to the various other leading organizations in Europe.

From 2024 we have the Reformed Champions League for the very first time in Europe. We need to see how this competition creates. Yet I can say one thing: it will never ever take place that FC Bayern will just play in a European and no more in the national league.

In Milan in 2001, the injured Jens Jeremies came out of the cabin and claimed first: Now at least we no much longer require to pay attention to the talk of Uli Hoeneß, exactly how fantastic they made use of to be?… .

This loss, this time brought me to my limitations. It was likewise a stage with an unbelievable number of games. In the adhering to period, the intermediate round was presented in the Champions League, I had actually ended up being number 1 in the national group.

The FCB was the Bestia Negra, the black beast, the worry opponent genuine. Did you locate this name as an honorary title or a vouch word? .

I am constantly at the ECA as well as UEFA: Of training course it’s also about money, yet firstly concerning making the competition as intriguing as possible. It is constantly such as this: a style just comes to be a success if it is eye-catching and is emotionally accepted by the viewers.

Regardless, she was famous as well as led to the group said: Franz, we’ll reveal you currently.

was the last of your life in 2001? .

At that time, BVB was our biggest competitor, extension, 0: 1 chapuisat, ruthless. And I likewise have the objective in mind.

What role will FC Bayern, Borussia Dortmund and also the various other Bundesliga clubs play in the premier class in the future? .

1997/98 there was the battle with Dortmund… .

We won. I call the capability to win…

Yes, regrettably. It was likewise wonderful afterwards.

… says the male that survived on the square a lot of his feelings… .

I presume so. It has a certain result on the challenger if you express strong self-esteem. You have to take action.

For me it was always an honorary title due to the fact that this expression revealed that we had left enduring impression (grinning). When we took a trip to Madrid, when just my face was shown on the sports paper Marca. Above this absolute close-up was El Enemigo, the enemy. A genuine competition had accumulated.

How did you refine this reduced impact in 1999? .

30 years of Champions League are a big success story with a lot of goosebumps. When I listen to the hymn, it orders me, it was already a player, which’s the means it is today. It is a leading occasion.

The cover of the unique brochure thirty years of the champions League.

We also had an unbelievably negative document versus Paris…

_ The Champions League celebrates his birthday: Europe’s ideal league is three decades old this year. The twist dedicates a special concern to the anniversary with a comprehensive sight of the history of the competitors, all successes as well as German.

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Was the last charge in Milan the most extreme minute of life, the feeling of happiness par quality? .

They had to sustain their last period in the UEFA Mug. .

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