Bob Hanning: If it can be a club, after that the THW Kiel

Give thanks to God we do not require a Champions League final Four to trade ourselves on a regular basis. I am not only satisfied to see Andi in Cologne, but additionally Petar Nenadic, who has been in Berlin for a long time as well as is now playing in Veszprem.

You currently understand the function as a co-commentator from the past.

This is addressed reasonably quickly and rapidly: I expect amazing video games as well as sporting activity at an absolutely highest degree.

I even accompany all 4 games in Cologne as a co-commentator, I’m truly looking forward to that. Coming with a last 4 in the Champions League is special and enjoyable.

It is certainly tough for many to lift a player out of the barcelona celebrity ensemble. If you had to do it anyway: That would certainly it be as well as why?

In the topicality, very honestly asked: Does the THW Kiel Nesesander Sagosen as well as Hendrik Pekeler in fact have an opportunity against this supremacy from FC Barcelona?

With groups of the high quality class Barcelonas, you can work well fairly swiftly. Ortega has already done a great job in Hanover as well as is currently doing an excellent work.

I do not have any kind of. I think that’s the wonderful thing that you don’t have to highlight a player at this last in Cologne. There are so lots of gamers at such an extremely high level that I would never devote myself to 1. What will certainly always be very important in this kind is the goalkeeper performance. For instance, if Kielce desires to win the premier class, they require a superior Andi Wolff in the goal. Of program, there are always a few of the field players who are of specific value. Who is truly no concept.


Of all: This last 4 competition in Cologne constantly grants all groups the exact same opportunities. This is absolute globe class in one place. Just the type of the day is vital. I actually trust all 4 teams to get the point. Under one of the most challenging conditions, the THW Kiel was always able to do unique. It becomes part of the fact that Hendrik Pekeler can not be changed in the protection and Sander Sagosen in the assault. They have actually always handled to mobilize really unique forces at such minutes. If it can be a club, then the THW Kiel.

** In the first semi-final, Veszprem and Kielce encounter each various other. Just how does he examine Kielce’s chances at the Final Four?

On June 18 and also 19, one of the outright highlights of the handball season will boost in Cologne. Typically, the last 4 of the Champions League is held on the Rhine, then the four excitedly waited for video games are moved real-time.

Coach Carlos Ortega originated from Hanover to Barcelona, after six titles as a Barcelona gamer can currently win the CL as a trainer. Did you expect that he can locate his method around Catalonia so promptly or does such a team simply make it very easy for every trainer?

Mr. Hanning, you are there as a DAZN professional at the weekend break when the currently four finest groups in Europe argue for the crown. What do you get out of the 4 games?

From the eyes of a manager: Exactly how do you see projects such as Veszprem, Kielce or Skopje abroad?

Typically, the final 4 of the Champions League is held on the Rhine, then the four eagerly awaited games are moved online. ** Mr. Hanning, you are there as a DAZN specialist at the weekend break when the presently four ideal groups in Europe say for the crown. I also accompany all 4 video games in Cologne as a co-commentator, I’m truly looking ahead to that. Coming with a final 4 in the Champions League is unique as well as fun. Of all: This final 4 event in Cologne always grants all groups the exact same chances.

These are top groups that are advertised in different ways. This is constantly a little bit less complicated to address abroad than is the instance in Germany.

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