Pokemon Journeys prepares for the next battle of the Masters tournament with a new synopsis

Pokémon Journeys is preparing for the next battle in the Tournament Masters with the synopsis of the next episode of the anime series! Ash Ketchum has made its way to the ranks of the World Coronation Series through the latest version of the anime series so far, and made its way in the Eight Masters along with all the other champions of the rest of the regions in the world. Now that the anime broadcasts in Japan officially began the teacher tournament in its entirety, the series is preparing for its next great battle between champions.

With the most recent episode of the series officially starting the first battle of the first round of the Tournament Masters between Leon and Alain, the next round of the tournament will prepare to start with the next episode. With a battle between Kanto and Johto Champion Lance and Kalos Champion Diantha, the synopsis of the next episode of the series suggests that this will be the most fierce battle of the series to date, since both champions are quite skilled and refuse to go behind.

Episode 116 of viajes Pokémon is entitled «The pride of the champions! Lance vs. Diantha »and the synopsis (as seen by @anipokefandom on Twitter) describes the episode as such,« [Lance and Diantha] face in the second game of the first round! What will be the result of this fierce fight will be…? The second game of the first round of the Teacher Tournament is between [Lance] the new champion of Kanto and Johto, and [Diantha], the Kalos champion! This battle between two matched champions is a fierce up and down with the pride of two champions who refuse to give in their entire exhibition! Which of them has the true domain of your skill and exchange of completely tempered movements…?!


The synopsis of the episode does not really cause who of the two would be the winner at the end of the day, and that makes it much more interesting. It is not clear which of them will advance and face Leon in the semifinals, but it is likely that it is an exciting battle to see how it develops in any way. It is also true for the other battles in the group, so what do you think? Who do you think will win the battle between Lance and Diantha? Let us know all your thoughts about the comments! You can even communicate with me directly above all animated things and other great things. @Valdezology on Twitter!

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