Basketball: DBB group wins once again

Third challengers are Sweden or Croatia. 3 teams drive from the six-man group to the 2023 World Cup, the starting factor is superb.

The German basketball players around Dennis Schröder likewise won the last game of the very first group phase on the planet Cup qualification as well as almost flawlessly enter into the next round.

After the 93:83 (40:36) using Poland in Bremen, the choice of the German Basketball Federation (DBB) takes eleven out of twelve possible points right into the brand-new period. It was the 5th win in the sixth game.

The team of national coach Gordon Herbert, who just lost the opening game against Estonia at the Canadian’s launching, will certainly meet Slovenia around NBA super star Luka Doncic and Finland in a brand-new team from the end of August.

Schröder overlooked with 38 factors

The most effective thrower in the DBB group was in the Bremen ÖVB-Arena Dennis Schröder with 38 factors, the 28-year-old had actually never booked so several points in a video game in the nationwide jacket.

The DBB group continues with the Supercup in Hamburg (August 19/20), who is preparing for the residence European Championship (September 1 to 18) with games in Cologne (initial round) and Berlin (last round) serves.


The following 2 World Cup qualification games will be played in between Supercup and also Eurobasket. The last round occurs in Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines.

The Braunschweiger had actually given his comeback after almost 3 years of national team at the secure victory versus host Eston in Tallinn (88:57).

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